May 13, 1996 was a very sacred day. It was Teacher's birthday.

Wuhan Practitioner's Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held at 5 p.m. that day at Wuhan No. 4 Middle School in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The Falun Gong Assistance Center in Wuhan was worrying about not being able to accommodate the large number of practitioners. In addition, the conference was held on a weekday so they had not informed practitioners in other areas, such as the suburbs of Wuhan.

About 30-40 practitioners in my area rented a bus which arrived at Wuhan No. 4 Middle School at 4 p.m. As soon as we got off the bus, we saw practitioners in twos or threes rushing to the soccer field with smiles on their faces.

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When we entered the soccer field of the middle school, we were all startled by what we saw. A huge Law Wheel design was being formed by practitioners in the soccer field. There was a symbol in the center with Taiji patterns in alternating red, yellow, blue and black. There were more than a dozen straight beams radiating from the Law Wheel being formed by practitioners wearing yellow or white clothes who were sitting on the field with their leg crossed.

We all wanted to be part of the Law Wheel formation. The volunteers told us that only practitioners wearing white or yellow clothes could sit on the white or yellow beams to join in the formation of the Law Wheel. Others had to sit at the bleachers on the soccer field. I was wearing a white T-shirt with "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" imprinted on it. An Assistant Professor from a university who came with me in the same bus was also wearing a white shirt. We were fortunate enough to sit together on one of the white lines radiating from the Law Wheel.

During that morning, it was sometimes cloudy and sometimes clear. By noon, there were scattered showers. About an hour before the conference started, there was constant light showers. The soccer field was covered by plastic sheeting which became soaking wet. However, practitioners all sat in order on the soccer field. Everyone put his shoes under the exercise mat.

At exactly 5 p.m., the loudspeakers on the soccer field made an announcement, "The Falun Buddha Fa Practitioner's Experience Sharing Conference begins!" As soon as it was announced, a miracle happened. The light rain suddenly stopped. Immediately, applause roared throughout the entire field. More strangely, I saw all the practitioners around me looking up enthusiastically. Many people in the crowd shouted in surprise and excitement, "Law Wheel! Law Wheel!" Immediately, a second round of thunderous applause resounded through the entire audience. I saw a practitioner pointing to the sky. I raised my head and saw a bright Law Wheel on top of the bleachers in the soccer field. It was turning rapidly and becoming bigger and bigger. The shining clouds around the Law Wheel rapidly retreated. The color of the Law Wheel was very gentle and bright without any glare. This was the first time ever that I saw a Law Wheel with my own eyes.

We all kept applauding. The applause continued for several minutes one round after another. There were about 4,000 practitioners attending the conference who all witnessed this unprecedented miracle.

The host of the conference seemed amazed at the sight of the Law Wheel in sky. After quite a few minutes, he announced a group exercise as the first activity of the conference. We did all five sets of exercises together for 30 minutes. Everyone moved in such an orderly way. During the exercises, I occasionally opened my eyes to look at the Law Wheel in the sky. I even looked at my watch to note that the Law Wheel remained in the sky for 15 minutes before it gradually disappeared. The second activity was the experience sharing. It lasted for a little more than one hour.

When we left the conference, many practitioners shared with each other about the excitement of seeing the Law Wheel. Some practitioners saw the color of the Law Wheel as golden yellow, while some saw the colors alternating from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Some saw Teacher sitting on the Law Wheel making large hand signs. Some saw Teacher radiating out numerous Law Wheels to the conference site. Some practitioners said Teacher was sitting on the Law Wheels with numerous Law Bodies that were flying on the soccer field. It was magnificent.

The photo of practitioners forming the Law Wheel on May 13, 1996 at Wuhan No. 4 Middle School was the first time that Wuhan practitioners formed a Law Wheel. The photo of the Law Wheel formed in 1997 by Wuhan practitioners that was posted on the Internet was a picture taken after this time.

On this historical sacred day, tens of millions of practitioners in China silently said to their respectful Teacher from their hearts, "Greetings, Teacher!"