(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Sun Ruiying and I am 59 years old. I live in Junbukou Village, Weifang City, Shandong Province. I began practicing Falun Dafa in January 1997 and have benefited tremendously.

I suffered from leg cramps and backaches before I learned Falun Dafa. However, after practicing the exercises, all of my illnesses disappeared. I became truly freed from illness. By seriously studying the Falun Dafa principles, I found answers to the many questions I had in my life, and I learned to treat people with kindness. I love my parents and lived with my mother until she passed away at age 94. My parents-in-law are in their 80s, and whenever they came to stay with me, I give them the best room, and take good care of them.

In April 1999, the Science Promotion Forum in the Fangzi District, Weifang City used their event to attack and defame Falun Dafa, and the town officials forbade us from practicing the Falun Dafa exercises at the practice sites as we used to do each morning. We went to the city government to explain our situation but they didn't respond. Instead were forced to practice our exercises along the public sidewalk.

In July 1999, the two practice site assistants were unjustly arrested. I wrote a letter to the town government officials, telling them the facts about Falun Dafa and my beneficial experiences. Several days before July 20, 1999, the government suddenly put Falun Dafa practitioners under "strict control." In the afternoon of July 19, the whole village was forced to monitor us. In the evening, we broke through their blockade and went to Beijing to appeal. The Weifang Train Station was being patrolled and we couldn't get out of town after trying all night. We returned home, and the town government officials scorned us, and took us to Weifang City's No. 16 Middle School and held us there. They beat and verbally abused us at the school and forced us to stand in the broiling sun. They forced us to turn in our Dafa books, write "Guarantee Statements" promising to give up Dafa, and they extorted 300 Yuan (1) from each one of us.

In December 1999, I went to my hometown because my mother was ill. The town government called me in to their office and ordered me to go home. My mother was unconscious at the time and I was making her funeral arrangements.

Right after I returned home, the town officials called me to appear before the village committee. Official Gao Minggang asked if I was still practicing Falun Dafa. I said yes, and he took off my cotton coat and left me with only a sweatshirt. Four tall men came up and whipped me with belts. They didn't stop until they had broken two belts. Then they put the coat on me and threw me into the courtyard in the freezing cold.

About one hour later, Gao Minggang again asked me if I would still practice. I said yes. He took me to another room and took off my coat. Four or five men beat me with a rubber club about one inch thick. They stopped after they broke several clubs. My back was so swollen I could not put my coat on. All of the practitioners held there were beaten and tortured. All town officials took turns monitoring us. They drank alcohol at night and then beat us. They didn't allow us to sleep, and forced us to run laps. When we could no longer run laps, they beat us across our backs with belts. They tried to force us to curse Dafa and Master, and beat us when we refused. They also forced us to drink alcohol and smoke, and beat us when we refused as it went against our belief. Additionally, they attempted to force practitioners to beat each other! On the fourth night, Liu Bangjiang, a town official was drunk and, flanked by three young men, called me forth and took off my hat and coat. He violently whipped my head with a belt, and I immediately lost consciousness, and when I came to, Liu Bangjiang made me stand up, and then continued to beat me. He struck my eye and it became swollen. Liu Bangjiang also made me raise my arms and then beat my whole body. When I fell to the ground he whipped my feet. Others in the room closed their eyes, horrified by such brutality.

January 23 [Chinese lunar calendar] was celebrated, being the day preceding the Chinese New Year. Xia Bingtang, head of the Judicial Department said, "Everyone else is with their family right now and because of you guys I can't be with mine. So I have to vent on you!" He took off his coat and brutally whipped me with the belt 20 times. He then complained, "You exhausted me!"

In those seven days before my release I was whipped, kicked, and beaten over 100 times.

After January 23, some practitioners paid a fine and went home, but I couldn't afford the 3,000 Yuan fine, so I was further tortured. When my husband came to visit me he brought me food. The perpetrators said they wouldn't release me unless I paid, so my husband had to sell a cow that we had for more than a decade. Additionally, he borrowed over 1,000 Yuan to pay the "fine." When I returned home on January 25, my mother had been waiting for me for seven days without eating or drinking. She passed away on January 27 at the age of 94.

On January 18, the town government made us clean up garbage, and thereafter they often made us work without pay.

In October 2000, I went with several practitioners to Beijing to appeal. I returned before I got to Beijing. When I got home I was called in by the government and I saw they had locked up my family. My son was released after I returned. They began torturing me again. They didn't allow my family to visit or bring me food. They took turns monitoring and beating me. After being held at the village committee for a few days, we were taken to the Judicial Department where we were held for over a month. The practitioners who went to Beijing were sent to detention centers and forced labor camps. I was forced to pay 400 Yuan. Deputy secretary Dai Qingjun thought we didn't pay enough money, and he hit my husband.

Prior to midnight on June 5 and 6, 2001, Xia Bingtang led a dozen persecutors to break into my home. They went through everything, and threw things everywhere. After finding a copy of Zhuan Falun they took me to the Judicial Department and made me sit on the floor while they beat me on my back with a triangular belt and shocked my arms and legs with electric batons. They dragged me to a room where about eight practitioners were being held. The next day they claimed I had distributed Dafa flyers and painted the words Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance on the door of the village head's home. They then beat me and shocked me with electric batons.

One day, they tried to force me to tear a Dafa book and I refused, so they beat me. Official Cao Xizhen lifted his hand and violently struck the back of my neck, with the edge of his hand, as if to chop my head off.

In the evening we were taken to the courtyard to be tortured. They weren't able to abduct practitioner Wang Keji, so they arrested his wife and tortured her. I was the fifth person to be tortured. I said, "We are simply being good people! Stop beating us!" They ignored me, turned off the light, and beat me with electric batons and police batons. At first I was aware of the blows, but later I passed out. They poured cold water on me and continued to beat me when I came to. I lost consciousness again, and they poured cold water on me again. I moaned and they stopped. I inched to another room, collapsed on the floor and could not move. My whole body was swollen and I was soaked with cold water. I was thirsty and in pain. The two people on duty kindly gave us water, and because of this they were denied sleep.

The ten of us were lying on the cement floor. A young practitioner named Tang Gaopeng was delirious from the torture and said things I couldn't understand. Practitioner Wang Rongxiang was on the brink of death. She had no control of her bowels or bladder and was sent to a hospital. The next day I saw that my body was black; my right hand was severely swollen and there was a large bump on the back of my hand. Later I heard that the perpetrators had taken turns charging their electric batons and shocking me with it while I was unconscious. I had one back rib on each side of my chest that was fractured, and I could not move my legs, someone had to carry me to the toilet. No one witnessed the brutality I was subjected to. I heard Hua Guangyong, the Political and Judiciary Committee secretary talking in the courtyard. During this period they didn't allow my family to visit me. Every time they tortured me they said, "Our supervisor told us if we beat you to death, we can explain in the newspaper that you died from practicing Falun Dafa."

Because I was extremely weak, one time when I returned from the toilet I collapsed in the courtyard and could not move or even open my eyes. About two hours later Xia Bingtang, the head of the Judicial Department came and called my name. I could not speak but knew what he was doing. He proceeded to shock my wrist with an electric baton but I couldn't move my hand. They dragged me into a room and said I was starving, and then cooked a bag of instant noodles and asked Tang Gaoming to feed it to me. They were afraid I would die there so they sent me home the next day.

The fourth day after I returned home, Xia Bingtang again came to my home with a dozen people. They stole my entire harvested wheat crop from the new season and the previous season, totaling 3,700 jin, (approximately 4,000 lbs) and sold them to the Crop Administration Bureau. They confiscated my son's tools that he uses to make a living repairing electronics, and a refrigerator, as well as a rope that is used on a water pump. They also took my son's motorcycle, and cut off our electricity.

On the sixth day they took me back to the Judicial Department. Ten days later they sent me and some other practitioners to a detention center where we were held for the next thirty days. They held me for anther month at the town government before sending me home. There was no food or water at home, so I had to go to my neighbor and ask for water and borrow some food. My husband was so angry he beat me. I decided to leave home. Right after I left the village the town officials caught up with me in a car. They said I wasn't allowed to go wherever I wanted. I stayed at the town government for several days and my husband took me home. The officials extorted 3,000 Yuan from me to ransome back the things they took from me, additionally they refused to return my wheat crop. I had no money, so I couldn't pay to buy back the things they seized from my home. Xia Bingtang took off the license plate from my son's motorcycle and is still riding it today. I told them that the constitution of China protects citizens' ownership of their property, but they said Falun Gong practitioners are not protected.

Persecutor Sun Qingyu from the Armed Division is very vicious and likes to beat people across the back and stomach. Once he made us stand facing the wall and violently boxed our ears.

A driver named Wu Jifang is extremely violent. He is very devoted to the persecution.

Primary persecutors in Junbukou Town, Weifang City, Shandong Province:

Cao Kexue, secretary of the town government in 1999. He is currently the head of the Weifang Highway Bureau.
Hua Guangyong: secretary of Junbukou Town's Political and Judiciary Committee
Xia Bingtang: head of Junbukou Town's Judicial Department
Wei: head of Junbukou Town, recently transferred from Daliushu Town
Gao Minggang: secretary of Junbukou Town's Party Committee
Sun Qingyu: head of Junbukou Town's Armed Division
Wang Lican: a video recorder, extremely vicious
Liu Bangjiang: chairman of Junbukou Town's Workers' Union
Gao Zhongde: secretary of Junbukou Town's Party Committee in 2002
Hu: member of the Junbukou Town government
Tang Naixi: a thug who lives in Caojia, Junbukou Town
Wang Jinzhong: a thug hired by Xia Bingtang, lives in Xibeitong, Junbukou Town
Cao Xizhen: a thug hired by Xia Bingtang who lives in Caojia, Junbukou Town
Shao: instructor; works at Junbukou Town's Police Department
Wang Keci: guard at Junbukou village gate who assisted in persecuting Dafa and has died now.
Wu Jifang: a driver in Junbukou Town.

Practitioners who were fined and their properties illegally confiscated:

Liu Xifu's family was fined 6,000 Yuan and five sacks of wheat were confiscated
Liu Xihai's family was fined 6,200 Yuan; one electric welder, a motorcycle and 3,300 jin of wheat was confiscated
Five members of the nine people in Liu Xifu and Liu Xihai's households were sent to forced labor camps:
Wang Hongyun was fined 1,700 Yuan
Wang Shaojian was fined 500 Yuan
Xu Xiangqin was fined 1,000 Yuan
Liu Zhigang and his family were fined over 40,000 Yuan. Two TVs, one noodle machine, and one bicycle were confiscated, and two members of the family were sent to labor camp(s).
Liu Xizhen was fined 10,200 Yuan
Wang Kechang was fined 300 Yuan. One color TV, one stereo and one bicycle were confiscated.
Wang Keyun was fined 3,700 Yuan. All his tools, one refrigerator, one motorcycle, and 3,700 jin wheat were confiscated.
Cao Peizhong was fined 2,500 Yuan and his bicycle was confiscated
All five of Yao Chunzhi's family members were persecuted, and three of them were sent to a labor camp.
Zhao Yonglei from Xiaolijia Village, Junbukou Town were fined, and one person was sent to a labor camp.
Li Xiumei was fined.

(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.