(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Dafa Club at Chang Gung University celebrated Falun Dafa Week from May 31 to June 4, 2004. The activities featured a photo exhibit, poster exhibit, and exercise demonstration and instruction, helping students and teachers who were not familiar with Falun Dafa to gain a deeper understanding of Falun Gong. Many people wanted to learn the exercises after visiting the exhibition.

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Falun Dafa Club Information Exhibit

Walking to the square in front of a McDonald's fast food restaurant, a row of beautiful Falun Dafa posters was placed in good order. In front of it, there was an information booth, providing bookmarks, literature and VCD's that introduced Falun Dafa for people to take. The beautiful bookmarks attracted many students and teachers. At the other end of the poster exhibit, practitioners played films introducing the Falun Gong exercises and Falun Gong in general.

One student expressed that he was encountering difficulties in life and hoped to learn Falun Gong to seek help. Practitioners explained to him that Falun Gong advocates the universal principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," upgrading people's morality and strengthening people's health. The book Zhuan Falun answers many of life's puzzles. Falun Gong doesn't accept donations and doesn't charge for the exercise instruction. It is not involved in religion or politics. It has been honored with more than 1,200 awards from different countries worldwide because of its tremendous effect on purifying people's minds and benefiting society. After the student heard all of this, he happily took away a copy of Zhuan Falun and thanked the practitioner.

Falun Dafa photo exhibit

The photo exhibit introduced the Falun Gong exercises, its wide spread in China and around the world, and the Jiang regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China over the past five years. Many students were moved after looking at photos of practitioners who were tortured to death and the policemen's abuse of Falun Gong practitioners on Tiananmen Square. They read the persecution cases in detail and the information about lawsuits against Jiang in many countries. They expressed outrage toward the unreasonable persecution.

A student was wondering why Jiang launched such a persecution. The practitioners explained to him that Falun Gong has been spread to over 60 countries in twelve years, and more than a hundred million people have benefited from it both physically and mentally. Out of fear and jealousy, Jiang disregarded opposition from six other standing committee members in the Politburo and launched the persecution campaign. Falun Gong has been subjected to slander and brutal persecution, but more and more people have learned the truth over the years. They are condemning the unreasonable persecution.

Exercise demonstration and instruction

Eight practitioners from Banqiao wore yellow exercise suits and demonstrated the exercises at the cafeteria in the square. Many people's eyes focused on the practitioners' graceful movements. Other practitioners distributed materials and introduced Falun Dafa. During the night, the practitioners held a two-hour exercise instruction session at the audio-visual center of the library. The attendees told us that they felt relaxed and comfortable after learning the exercises. A postgraduate student expressed that he has had health problems since he was a child. He has seen many Western and Chinese medicine doctors, but there was little improvement in his health. Today, after practicing the exercises, he felt quite good and wanted to continue learning and practicing. Another postgraduate student could sit in the full lotus position immediately and quickly learned the exercises. A physician from Chang Gung Hospital also came to learn the exercises and inquired about the time for morning exercises. After the activity, practitioners offered Zhuan Falun and other books for them to borrow.

An unexpected episode

A student who attended another activity held on the second floor happened to take a picture with several Falun in it. A lot of the other students were amazed at seeing such a clear picture of Falun. Practitioners expressed that it was possible that the pure and compassionate field pervaded the entire activity center, and that's why the student's picture had Falun in it.

Falun Dafa has been flourishing at colleges and universities in Taiwan, and there are many new practitioners. The Chang Gung University Falun Dafa Club was just set up this semester, and through the Falun Dafa Week activities, many teachers and students have learned of the grace and peacefulness of Falun Dafa. It is a stark contrast with the situation in Mainland China, where many teachers and students have been expelled from schools, lost their jobs or even suffered brutal persecution only because they persist in their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.