(Clearwisdom.net) Once, I heard a nice, humorous story: A small bear was on his way home. Soon, he came to a bridge, which was worn-out and ramshackle. The small bear thought that to use the bridge safely, he would have to repair it with a hammer and nails. When he had gathered these tools, he still needed some lumber and to get that, he needed an ax to chop down a tree. Unfortunately, only the black ox, who lived 20 li [Chinese mile] away had an ax. The small bear had to wait a whole day in order to get a lift from someone and felt that he better prepare a small gift as a reward for the lift.

So the small bear began to consider a suitable small gift. He had heard that the peaches of a certain valley in the west were very good and decided to go pick some peaches there. However, he did not have a basket to hold the peach. Therefore, he went to a thicket of willow trees to collect pliable twigs for the basket. However, only the deer of the thicket were able to make good baskets and the deer had gone out on other business while the bear had to wait another 2 days for them to return. Half a year went by in this fashion, before the small bear finally reached the doorway of the black ox, and confusedly asked, "Why am I standing here? Why did I come here? Why did I have this basket made? " The small bear had forgotten his original goal.

"I want to explain the facts about Falun Gong using the internet. To get started, I will need a special auxiliary device. I will go on e-bay to search for it. Oh my, there are a lot of folks participating in the auction. Now they are asking $20.5, 2 minutes later it is already $21.75. I should really wait for a better offer. Two hours later, I finally got what I needed cheaply. Looking at my watch, I realize that I had not yet studied the Fa today and missed the times reserved for sending forth righteous thoughts".

We may take every step correctly, but if we forget our original purpose, we will miss our final goal.

What is our goal? It is to cultivate, to validate the Fa, and to generally do the three things Master has asked us to do. Individual styles and environments used to explain the truth may be different, but our basic point is same. While we are making a basket from tree branches or looking for an ax, we should not forget the reason for our actions, which is to validate the Fa.