(Clearwisdom.net) Over the last two months, my condition has not been good. I was puzzled by some of my attachments and I had neglected Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. One day, I made up my mind to study the Fa well. However, as soon as I picked up the book, the power went out. It was surprising because the entire district had power with the exception of my home. I checked the distributor in my home, but did not find any problems. The fuse was in good condition, but there was just no power. I sent forth righteous thoughts immediately to eliminate the evil factors that created the power failure. Power was regained in around ten minutes.

One morning last week the power went out after I had finished typing a letter on the computer. I inquired and found out that the entire district did not have power. At that time I thought, since there was no power in the entire district, I had to put down the Dafa work and study the Fa well first. But when 3 o'clock in the afternoon rolled around, I still did not have power. I had to use the computer. At that time I thought, no matter what the reason for the power failure, if you interfere with me doing Fa-rectification work, I must eliminate the unrighteous factors. I sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that created the power failure this time. It took about five minutes before I regained power. But only the power plug the computer used had power, while the entire district, including my home, did not have power. I suddenly understood that no matter what things happened in the everyday people society, even the power failure had its reasons and was pre-arranged. However as long as it interferes with us carrying out Fa-rectification work, this reason or factor was wrong. At these moments, it is effective for us to send forth righteous thoughts.

Through the situation of the two power outages, I suddenly remembered the incident where the USA and Canada had a power failure in a large area last August. This widespread power outage brought not only an enormous puzzle to everyday people's society, but a big interference to the Fa-rectification work of Dafa practitioners in some countries and areas. Some overseas websites were shut down because of the power failure. The contact among Dafa practitioners between China and overseas was severed, some Fa-rectification tasks had to be suspended as a result of the power failure, and so on. I thought at that time that if our fellow practitioners in the United States and Canada had sent forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the factors of the power outage, perhaps this action could have restored the power supply very quickly. The purpose of sending forth righteous thoughts in this circumstance is not to bring any advantages to everyday people society by using our extraordinary abilities, but instead to remove the factors in other dimensions that have created interference for our Dafa practitioner's Fa-rectification activities. Therefore no matter what karmic reasons this situation may have had, the effect of it was all wrong and the arrangement should be denied.

When human society experiences a natural or man-made disaster, it usually does not have any direct connection to Dafa practitioners. However it does not exclude the circumstance of the dark minions using disasters or accidents that occur in the society to interfere with Dafa practitioners' efforts to validate Dafa. I think that at this time we may send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these factors which cause disruption. We are only targeting the factor that disturbs our efforts to rectify the Fa, but not to the incident in and of itself.

Above is my personal understanding. If there are any inappropriate points, please point them out with compassion.