Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference

(Li Hongzhi, April 11, 2004)

Hello! (Audience: Hello Master! Applause)

We have a grand occasion here. (Applause) A lot of people have come to this Fa conference, about four thousand it seems. (Master laughs) Looking at the current situation, I'd say that when it comes to the Fa-rectification's overall state, Dafa disciples have done extremely well in the Three Realms, and they've played a crucial role. Master thanks you all for this. (Warm applause)

Over these few years we have been under severe persecution. The Fa-rectification is by nature a serious thing that affects all living things. The cosmic body is infinitely large, and the number of beings is measureless--so many they're countless. Even on a tiny particle there are measureless, countless beings. Then how many beings does such an enormous cosmic body have? Fa-rectification impacts something that huge, and yet the old forces, along with some low-level beings they're using, and whatnot, are interfering with Fa-rectification, attached as they are to their wants, and are using every conceivable means to try to steer the Fa-rectification. The sin is huge. It's actually clear to me that, in essence, the old forces and those final, final old beings want to use this Fa-rectification to eliminate and weed out the beings they don't want kept, and that's why they make some beings interfere with Fa-rectification. Even a little disruption or bit of disrespect towards Dafa by the old forces or a being who isn't able to see Dafa the right way--and not one of them is outside of this--will mean they can't remain. Ultimately those high-level old factors want to dispose of those numerous beings that they don't want, and that's why they let loose and directed a huge number of beings to do things that interfere with Fa-rectification. On a fundamental level they know that no being at any level can harm the Fa-rectification. While I'm controlling the fundamental things, those final beings in their respective realms are overseeing the safety of this affair out of self-protection, and the number of beings they want to weed out is downright huge.

Very early on in the Fa-rectification I realized something: Whenever I want to clear away any group of beings at any level, there's not much to say or do--one thought disintegrates everything, and it's extremely quick. However, in the Fa-rectification, keeping certain beings, that's just extremely hard to do, with challenges piled atop one another; beings that have interfered with the Fa-rectification aren't qualified to stay now, having interfered with Fa-rectification as they did. So in the Fa-rectification, once a being gets involved and has the effect of interfering, which I don't accept, it's in dire peril. I'm talking in essential terms here. In this process, in all realms, and at all levels, the beings that affect the Fa-rectification all act in their own specific ways, and they are different in their levels and realms; and being in the realms they are in, they have different understandings of Fa-rectification. That's because the chaos resulting from the different understandings of the Fa-rectification at the vast number of levels, and held by the vast number of beings, has fully reflected the actions of the multitude of degenerate beings in the final stage of the old Fa's law of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction.

So what does "a measureless number of beings" mean? Think about this: Even with any ethnic group or country on this tiny Earth, whenever something happens there are going to be plenty of people who are for it and plenty against it, and people will have all sorts of takes on it. Then with the cosmos--such a gigantic cosmic body--and Fa-rectification--such a major thing--and when the situation is that beings don't realize what danger the great firmament is in or the peril all beings face, and when it's that Fa-rectification involves the vital interests of all beings, you can imagine how beings will react differently and how complicated it all is. A lot of students have been thinking, "So with validating the Fa, if I could see what happens in other dimensions I could do better." But the fact is, in a few cases where people have their Third Eye open and can see those things, they're actually more apt to get interfered with. For a few people their attachments caused what they saw to interfere with their cultivation and validating the Fa. That's why I think that during this period, the best way to go is to ensure a great deal of Fa-study. If each Dafa disciple can evaluate everything with the Fa, you'll go about things in an even more upright way, and then our students won't be prone to problems, whether they can see [other dimensions] or not. That's because with the Fa here, you can just go by the Fa's requirements. No matter what states other beings are in, none of their various, ever-changing, complex manifestations can interfere with a Dafa disciple.

So looking at the current situation, the whole mighty current of Fa-rectification is getting closer and closer to the outermost surface, and closer and closer to what is highest, final, largest, and most central. I've said that many prophecies aren't accurate in their depiction of the final times; they were plenty accurate about the course of things along the way, but they're off the mark toward the end. The reason is, even though our cosmic system is immense beyond compare, the concept of the multitude of cosmic bodies along with the incalculable number of beings that I've talked about, they're all within this system. And this persecution that the old-being-formed forces arranged to "test" Dafa disciples, along with the specific reasons that the old forces came about, the Fa-rectification itself, the beings to be saved, and so on, they're all within this [system's] scope. But this enormous cosmos of ours, no matter how big it is, it's not the only thing there is in the cosmos; there are factors beyond this cosmos, and those factors all have to do with the fundamental issue of whether or not the cosmos can exist. Those factors are even more microcosmic, and all of the changes [that have unfolded] have been caused by those enormous factors being affected in the Fa-rectification.

In other words, it's a question of whether this cosmos can exist independently after I'm done with Fa-rectification. To give an analogy, if you hold a ball in mid-air, once you let go it will fall, and once you let go of a balloon it will fly away. These analogies aren't all that accurate, it's just to give you the idea; in fact it's not quite like that. The factors beyond the cosmos needed to be worked on too, but whatever the case, working on those things during the Fa-rectification is no longer an issue. Those factors are not within the range of the gigantic cosmic body of this cosmic system of ours. Everything that was to be done during the Fa-rectification as well as the old forces' arrangements, and this includes how all the beings would act, are within this range. The issues beyond this range no longer exist. But their existence caused a separation in the microcosm, and that separation is keeping the final, surfacemost human world separated. Right now the Fa-rectification is already in the process of resolving these problems. After the problems are resolved, then basically everything is resolved. In the last Fa lecture I said that actually this cosmos has already been completed, and that's what I meant.

Even though more than four years have gone by, the persecution hasn't ended, and that's because the final reasons have yet to be completely resolved. But the overall situation has undergone tremendous changes. As you've seen, the evil factors have become very, very few, and the dark minions that I asked you to clear away, those bad gods that made their way into the Three Realms, they too have been cleared away to the point that only a few are left. And along with this, outside of the Three Realms some high-level beings that have played a negative role are in the process of being cleared away. So as things now stand, because the forces that affect the Fa-rectification have been shrinking, and all of the disruptive factors in the Three Realms have been greatly reduced, the people in this world are becoming ever more awake. And it's not just the people in this world--all beings in the Three Realms are waking up and thinking things over for themselves. There are still some people whose heads are somewhat foggy due to the evil's propaganda, but when you do a good job explaining things as you clarify the truth, people will immediately get it since there is no more evil's control at work.

In the process of clarifying the truth, Dafa disciples are indeed playing an important role, and they've done a great job. Your circumstances are quite tough; even other people know that Falun Gong has no money. Some Dafa disciples are in straitened circumstances. But in this situation, you still need to consider the image you project in society and to everyday people, because a Dafa disciple needs to be a good person wherever he is, right? So out in ordinary society, at work, in the family, or in whatever interactions it may be, you should leave people with a positive image of Dafa disciples. Your resources are limited, and that's why it is so trying and hard to do. But even so, we still need to make our Fa-rectification path a straight and upright one and we cannot go astray. If we're to make it a straight one, then, well, you know, there's only one path that is straight, and just one step off the path means going amiss. We cannot go astray, and this means our path is none too wide or easy to walk, it seems. You can't do as you please or do whatever you want--if that were the case, the Fa wouldn't be righteous. You need to make your path of validating the Fa a straight and upright one. Every single step, every single thing, including a Dafa disciple's words and actions, and your conduct in every respect out in society must be upright. As far as this goes, Dafa disciples as a whole have basically managed to do that, and the image of Dafa disciples that's been presented to the world's people is a good one. Now the members of society are quite clear on this and they know that Dafa disciples are all good people, and not just good people but the best bunch of people. The fact that the people in this world can recognize this is the result of our Dafa disciples' great sacrifices and laborious efforts validating the Fa; it's only with these that the world's people have come to recognize it. There's such a vast number of beings, there are more than 7 billion people in this world, and relative to the entire world, Dafa disciples are but a drop in the ocean. So how much sacrifice did you have to make to achieve this? How much effort did you have to expend? Extraordinary, just extraordinary! (Applause)

Because the world's people have woken up, right now this persecution that the evil created is getting harder and harder to sustain. Around the globe the evil beings are losing the environment they need to do evil, and in China too they are losing the environment they need. You've seen and heard about this, and in doing work to clarify the truth you have come to know this full well. Right now in Mainland China a lot of people are extremely annoyed by this persecution. Of course, there are some people who don't know the truth yet, and in this situation those beings are waiting for our Dafa disciples to further bring the Good News and the truth of the situation. But there are always going to be some people who just aren't up to par. If everyone were up to par then there wouldn't be a Fa-rectification. If all of the beings in the cosmos were up to par, then there really wouldn't have been any validating of the Fa. It's exactly because they aren't up to par that they really do exhibit the state and behavior of the beings of the past cosmos during the last stage of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction.

Because the Fa-rectification hasn't ended yet, even though people are waking up to the persecution of Dafa disciples, the morality of the world's people is still declining fast, and that's extremely scary. The longer the end time drags out, when it comes to saving the beings of the future... That doesn't pose a challenge for me, and even if you've fallen down into Hell I could still do it, but whether it'd still be worth doing and whether it could still be done, that would be a question. While Dafa disciples clarify the truth, when they allow the world's people to see the truth, that has the dual effect of stopping man's moral decline, to some extent.

Of course, Dafa disciples and I don't acknowledge anything that has to do with the old forces. Dafa has forged the Dafa disciples, and Dafa disciples will definitely safeguard the Fa as they cultivate. But, the ability of Dafa disciples to validate the Fa isn't for the purpose of enduring this persecution, and even less is it for clarifying the truth among the world's people. I only asked Dafa disciples to clarify the truth because persecution has taken place and has caused this situation. To put it more clearly, Dafa disciples don't exist in order to clarify the truth; we do that because the old forces caused this persecution and we were left with no choice. We are making use of this persecution while we defy it, and we are establishing even greater mighty virtue for Dafa disciples as we clarify the truth. What Dafa disciples have given absolutely will not be in vain.

As you know, there is a law that's part of both the old cosmos's Laws and the new cosmos's Laws: No matter what kind of hardship a being endures or what blessing he receives in any dimension of the cosmos or in any environment, there will be payback--either a reward for good or retribution for evil, and that's for sure, absolutely. Then since Dafa disciples have done so much for the beings, none of their enormous sacrifices while being wrongly persecuted were endured in vain, that's certain. So what awaits Dafa disciples in the future is sure to be most, most wonderful. (Applause) No matter how many beings there are doing evil, the suffering and persecution they have imposed on Dafa disciples--no matter what the motive or what the means--will bring those beings the most severe and most terrifying consequences, and that's for the persecuting they did. This kind of payback is the retribution they get for committing the greatest sin--interfering with the Fa-rectification--and what's in store for them are the most horrible things. With Dafa disciples, on the other hand, even though they've endured all kinds of interference and persecution, what Dafa disciples have gained from it is a most distinguished, most magnificent, and highest mighty virtue that will last forever and ever. (Applause)

The journey of Fa-rectification won't go on for long, it won't always be like this. So those Dafa disciples who, during this period of time, have made it through, have managed to do very well, and have managed to walk their own paths well despite all kinds of things interfering, they have all established their own mighty virtue. Each of the true Dafa disciples has done what he should do, and has established all that is best for a being in the future. With that much achieved, I can now rest assured, and I no longer worry about whether you can make it through. (Applause) What's transpired is proof that you have made it through. In the future, when you look back, [you'll see that] this path was brilliant and promising, magnificent, and something that's never existed--even since the beginning of time. You can talk about how such-and-such number of the cosmos's gods came down to the world before to save people and established such-and-such mighty virtue, but I'll tell you, my true Dafa disciples: Your future mighty virtue will surpass that of any god who came to this world before at any point in history, (applause) for you today are part of Fa-rectification. You need to treasure it--you have to treasure the path you've walked. Only when you treasure the steps you've taken can you do well on the path ahead. Not much of the journey is left. Do even better on your path and do things even more righteously.

During this persecution every Dafa disciple has become clearheaded and rational. Back when I'd just started to impart the Fa, as I looked at the people in the audience, I was thinking about something. At the time, those people's heads had few righteous thoughts in them, and it was even rare for them to have their true, own thoughts. Human beings are influenced by all kinds of ideas out in society, and with their postnatal concepts they form fixed ideas about various things in the human world. And what's more, some outside factors control and interfere with people. That's the kind of beings I faced back then. At that time when many students said "Dafa is great," they weren't sincere, and some people had some doubts about the huge changes their bodies were going through. As I looked at those beings, I would think to myself, "Can they do it? Will they be able to come out of that state they're in?" And then there were factors in their cultivation path that would bring interference to their cultivation and my Fa-rectification. How hard that was! Back then I thought about this all the time. But now I'm not worried about those things anymore. Those Dafa disciples who have made it through the persecution, I'll tell you, they've become more and more coolheaded and more and more aware of what they're doing, their righteous thoughts are getting ever stronger, and their awareness is increasingly clear. Not only have I stopped worrying about those things, I'm even happy to see the state you're in. (Enthusiastic applause) These beings have truly become aware, and their lives are now in the hands of their own righteous thoughts. On top of that, they're beings that are cultivating themselves in the Fa-rectification and who are clear about the paths they want to take and clear about the goal and meaning of their existence. How extraordinary. So looking at the present situation, I don't worry about anything now, and I know that the further we go the better you will do. In validating the Fa, you are the ones who've come up with many of the ideas, and you've resolved many a problem yourselves. And with validating the Fa, you are thinking about how to do well validating the Fa, this most magnificent task, and Dafa disciples the world over are thinking about their shared tasks. You're all cooperating together, discussing, and debating and analyzing things with each other to come up with the best approaches. Whatever the case, this is Dafa disciples' unique way of cultivating, and it's something history has never had before. (Applause)

Today is Easter, the day of a god's resurrection! (Enthusiastic applause) This is all I'll say today. On this special, glorious day, may Dafa disciples' divine sides also be resurrected! (Long period of enthusiastic applause)

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