(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Public Security Department officials in Jimo City, Shandong Province who understand the facts regarding the persecution of Falun Gong resisted instructions from party committee secretary, Zhang Hongxun, ordering the unlawful arrests of local Falun Gong practitioners. However Zhang Hongxun has not changed and continues to commit wrongdoings. He is responsible for all kinds of evil things in Jimo City.

According to reliable sources, Zhang Hongxun, recently again ordered the public security department to illegally arrest local Falun Gong practitioners. The authorities all know Falun Gong practitioners are good people and thus, they refused to carry out the directive. After Zhang Hongxun failed with threats and intimidation, he could only gather up and order other authorities who were still misled about Falun Gong to help him make the arrests.

According to a Clearwisdom report, during April and May this year, many Falun Gong practitioners went missing or were illegally arrested in Jimo City. Zhang Hongxun and his accomplices could not get away with anything.

On the night of April 17, 2004, Ms. Zhang Xiuying from No. 3 Village, Lingshan Town, Jimo City, Shandong Province went out and never returned home.

A few days later, her son, Fang Shaoliang, and another practitioner, Hu Dunxiang from Lingshan Town disappeared together. It was initially confirmed that the local "610 Office" (1) had taken these three people. On April 23, public security officers at the urging of Zhang Hongxun abducted another practitioner from Chenjiahe, Jimo City, Ms. Gao Fengqin who is now being held in the Jimo Detention Center.

Inside sources revealed that the authorities from Lingshan Town's "610 Office" used Fang Shaoliang's young child to entrap him and his wife. The villagers said that the local police officers have been to Fang's home many times and could not catch him. In order to entrap Fang Shaoliang, they called him and asked him and his wife to return home because no one was taking care of their son.

In April last year, Lingshan Town "610 Office" and policemen made a call to Ms. Shao Shouxiang and lied to her by saying her daughter "had a stomachache at school and has to be sent to the hospital". They set up a trap in the Lingshan Town Hospital, arrested Shao Shouxiang, Fang Shaoliang and Wang Xin on the same day, and detained them at the brainwashing center in Wang Village Forced Labor Camp for 4 months. For the past several years, the authorities have unlawfully arrested many practitioners in Lingshan Town repeatedly.

According to incomplete statistics, from 1999 until now, the number of Falun Gong practitioners who have been illegally detained and sentenced to forced labor camps in Jimo City alone has reached 100. Many practitioners have been sentenced and one practitioner was tortured to death by Jinan Forced Labor Camp officials. Even more practitioners have been subjected to brutal torture at the detention center, psychological torture at the brainwashing center, and a few dozen people have had huge amounts in fines extorted from them as well as their property confiscated. Many practitioners had to leave home to avoid the persecution, and large numbers of practitioners' families have been forced to break up.

Zhang Hongxun is corrupt and degenerate and lives a life of wanton waste and excess of every kind. He does not care about people and wantonly and illegally sells farmland that generates crops to feed people for his own enrichment. For example, because he developed real estate property on Fangzi Street in Jimo City on confiscated farmland, he aroused popular indignation, and caused the villagers to collectively appeal for help. It was discovered that he illegally sold more than 4,000 acres of farm land to construct a golf course. Moreover, in the recent land reorganization, he fabricated data to deceive both superiors and subordinates. Zhang Hongxun went to attend the central party school study last year, where he made many connections with all levels of higher authorities, so after he returned to Jimo, he continued his appointment as the Jimo City party committee secretary.

We hope all Falun Gong practitioners and kind-hearted people in Jimo City can speak out, and stop the illegal persecution of Falun Gong.

Zhang Hongxun, office secretary telephone: 86-532-8551001üC86-532-8551003