This is the experience of a practitioner who began her practice of Falun Dafa less than eight months ago. Her name is withheld for her safety.

This lady was admitted to a hospital with serious heart problems. The doctor told her that she needed angioplasty, a surgical procedure, otherwise her life would be threatened. In September 2003, she heard about Falun Gong by chance and began to practice it. She recovered, not only from her heart condition, but from bronchitis and arthritis as well, all without any medication.

The lady's husband is a policeman, who was quite convinced by all the propaganda spread by Chinese media to slander Falun Gong. He was also concerned because the government had forbidden the practice of Falun Gong. He tried several times to force his wife to turn in Dafa books and he threatened to burn them. Finding some Falun Dafa materials on the table when he got home one day, he picked them up and began to tear them apart. But he found that he was not able to tear them apart, even though there were only a few pages. Frustrated, he threw them out.

The next day, a lump began to grow on the middle finger of his left hand for no apparent reason. It got bigger and bigger in subsequent days and it had to be removed surgically after a month. He wanted to have a biopsy done, but his wife said: "Don't worry. This is just a warning for you that you should treat Falun Gong books with respect."

From then on, the policeman changed his attitude. He loosened up his grip on the few Falun Gong practitioners he was assigned to, and sometimes even secretly helped them.

Her elderly mother felt quite happy, seeing her daughter getting healthier and healthier, and encouraged her: "You keep on practicing as long as it is good for you." One day, the lady took a Falun Gong VCD to her parents' home to ask them to watch it. Unfortunately, the VCD player was broken. They had a couple of repairmen come and it was still not fixed. The parents said: "Let's forget it. It is not that important." She said, "No, you have to see the truth. Once you know the facts, you will go and tell others. The fact that my health has recovered is the best evidence." As she spoke she plugged the VCD player cord into an outlet. To their surprise, the machine started to work again. They played the disk for a whole hour, with very clear pictures and sound. When they later tried to play a movie, the machine failed again.

Her father suffered from colon cancer and was badly poisoned by the slanderous propaganda. He would not believe the truth about Falun Gong despite the urging of his daughter to learn and practice it many times. Even after watching the VCDs clarifying the truth, he still had many doubts.

One day, his daughter gave him a mini MP3 player to let him listen to Teacher's lectures. He said that he still felt it somewhat hard to believe. The daughter said to him: "You may see some signs." The father walked out the door and missed a step while walking down the stairs as his daughter talked. He fell and bumped his head on a post, making a loud noise that shocked the whole family. The daughter came and helped him up, saying: "It's ok. With Teacher's protection you won't be hurt." Sure enough, he was not hurt at all, not even a scratch. The father sat down and rested for a second, and said: "Now I have to believe it. Otherwise I probably will be hit by a car when I go out." From that point on, the family began to have a whole new respect and attitude towards Falun Gong.