By the Governor of the State of Georgia

A Proclamation

World Falun Dafa Day in Georgia

Whereas, May 13, 2004, is the 12th anniversary of the introduction to the world of Falun Dafa, which is practiced in more than 50 countries; and

Whereas, Falun Dafa is a traditional meditation practice of body, mind and spirit that emphasize the assimilation of the universal principles of truth, compassion and forbearance; and

Whereas, Falun Dafa transcends cultural and racial boundaries and contributes to the universal dream of a peaceful, tolerant and more compassionate society; and

Whereas, Falun Dafa practitioners' determination and courage to stand up for Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance under the most severe environment reminds us of the value of life and the precious quality of human dignity; now

Therefore, I, Sonny Perdue, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby proclaim May 13, 2004, as World Falun Dafa Day in Georgia.

In witness thereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Executive Department to be affixed this 14th day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand four.

Sonny Perdue