(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Sun Xiucai, aged 50, was a resident of Songlin Village in Songlin Township, Linqing City, Shandong Province. In December 2000, local police tortured Sun Xiucai after she was arrested for distributing truth-clarifying materials. Ms. Sun died less than one month later from the serious injuries sustained during the torture.

On December 11, 2000, Sun Xiucai and another Falun Dafa practitioner went to Liangzhuang Village to distribute truth-clarifying materials. They were reported by a local villager. Sun Xiucai was brought to the police station and brutally beaten by several police officers, including Li Shaolin and Guo Yugui. The police tortured her with leather whips, electric batons, and other devices. Then they sent her to the Linqing Detention Center. Sun Xiucai's wounds would not heal, so the police let Ms. Sun's family take her back home in order to shirk their responsibility. Ms. Sun died on January 4, 2001.

The murderers' names and contact information:

Li Shaolin, from the Mail and Appeal Section of Linqing Police Station; 86-635-2321044 (office);

Guo Yugui, from Songlin Police Station in Linqing City; 86-636-2615108 (home), Address: Liangzhuang Village, Songlin Township, Linqing City.