(Clearwisdom.net) On May 11, 2004, a seminar entitled "Human Rights in China" was held in Uppsala University. Invited by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Pax et Bellum, and the Uppsala Association of International Affairs, Mr. Clive Ansley from Canada, Erping Zhang and Harry Wu from the US, and Jane Dai from Australia came to Uppsala University, one of the most renowned universities in Scandinavia, to give lectures on the Chinese legal system, the laogai (slave labor camp) system, the media, and the peace project for children in China.

Mr. Clive Ansley is a Canadian attorney with great experience of the Chinese legal system. Mr. Harry Wu is a leader of the Chinese Information Center and the Laogai Research Foundation in the US. Mr. Erping Zhang is the president of Association of Asia Research, and Ms. Jane Dai is a victim of the persecution of Falun Gong in China and an Ambassador of Peace.

Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and is the oldest university in the Nordic countries. The Department of Peace and Conflict Research was established in 1971 to conduct peace research and offer courses in peace and conflict studies. The Uppsala Association of International Affairs strives to create debate around international issues.

Most of the participants of the seminar were students who study international relations, particularly issues pertaining to peace and conflict. They listened to Clive, Erping, Harry, and Jane with great interest.

The speech by Jane Dai moved many of the participants to tears. Her husband was killed at the age of thirty-four in China because of his belief in Falun Gong, when their daughter was only eight months old. Jane Dai has traveled to nearly forty countries to detail the cruel facts of the persecution in China, and to promote peace in the world. She is now named the "Ambassador of Peace" by Petals of Peace, a non-political and non-religious association that strives to promote peace in the world and a bright future for children.

The seminar received very positive responses from the participants. Although it should have ended at 6:30 p.m., the participants didn't want to leave. So the seminar was extended for another hour. During and after the seminar, many students expressed their desire to help in different ways to improve the human rights situation in China.