April 28, 2004


Zhou Pinjun is the twenty seven year old daughter of Taiwanese citizen Zhou Yuying. She graduated from Wuhan Music College. Because she practiced Falun Gong and clarified the truth about Falun Gong to the people, Zhou Pinjun was sentenced to seven years in prison by Kaifu District People's Court, Changsha City, Hunan Province. She was sent to Hunan Province Female Prison for illegal detention and is now being detained in the prison's "Education and Conversion Unit," which is a brainwashing unit detaining Dafa practitioners.

Before this illegal sentencing, Zhou Pinjun and her family members were persecuted many times due to practicing Falun Gong. In July 1999, Zhou Pinjun and her husband Lei Yangfan (also a Dafa practitioner) were detained illegally for seven days for going to Beijing to appeal. Zhou Pinjun was fired by her company, the "Changsha Music Station," where she was the editor and host. In October 1999, the couple went to Beijing to appeal again and was again detained illegally for one month.

In April 2000, Lei Yangfan participated in the Changsha Dafa Practitioner Experience Sharing Conference, which was broken up by the police. He was sentenced to Changsha City's Xinkaipu Labor Camp for two years and the term was later extended. At that time, Zhou Pinjun was five months pregnant, but she persevered even after her husband was arrested and she still clarified the truth of Dafa to more people.

In March 2001, Zhou Pinjun was arrested for making a banner clarifying the truth. She was later bailed out and waited for a hearing at home. She was almost persecuted but because she was still breast-feeding the baby, she was able to avoid being put on trial. On August 21, 2002, Zhou Pinjun was taken from her home by the police from Sifangping Police Station of Kaifu District. Others who were illegally arrested on the same day were PhD student Li Zhigang and Dafa practitioners Zhang Furong, Zhou Zhigao, Li Deyin, Peng Taoxiu, and Liu Pu. Police claimed that the reason for their arrest was because they produced and spread Dafa truth-clarifying materials. At that time, Zhou Pinjun's daughter had just passed her second birthday and her husband, Lei Yangfan, was just released from labor camp. The family was reunited for only two months before being torn apart again.

Zhou Pinjun was first detained illegally at the Changsha City First Detention Center. Later on she was transferred to the newly built Changsha City Detention Center. No matter what environment she was in, she always persisted in her cultivation. The police claimed that she was the "main criminal" and they would give her a "heavy sentence." Confronted with these threats and the promise that if she gave up cultivation they would handle her case lightly, Zhou Pinjun was not moved. She resisted the pressure and clarified the truth to people around her. She went on hunger strike twice to protest the persecution forced upon her. Due to the lack of evidence, the Kaifu District People's court did not open the case for trial for a long time. They even returned the materials to the prosecutor's office a few times. Zhou Pinjun was detained for over one year before the court started to process her case in September 2003. Zhou Pinjun was then sentenced to seven years in prison.

In December 2003, Zhou Pinjun was sent to the Hunan Province Female Prison. This Female Prison has a similar reputation as the infamous Baimalong Female Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, the Xinkaipu Labor Camp in Changsha City, the Chishan Prison in Yuanjiang and the Laodaohe Brainwashing Center in Changsha. All of them are evil places where Dafa practitioners are severely persecuted. In the Female Prison, each Dafa practitioner was assigned two to three "co-controllers" (they took turns monitoring Dafa practitioners 24 hours a day; they were criminals specially selected by prison guards; most of them also helped to perform "brainwashing"). They followed practitioners even when they took a shower or went to the bathroom. Practitioners had no privacy at all. They also strictly forbid practitioners from contacting or talking to each other. The police forced Dafa practitioners to read books and watch videos that slandered Dafa; they organized collaborators (former Dafa practitioners who have turned against Dafa under brainwashing and torture) to attack, humiliate and curse Dafa practitioners. They forced Dafa practitioners to do long hours of slave labor, hoping in vain to destroy their will power and reaching the evil goal of "converting" them. If any Dafa practitioner resisted persecution, she would be tortured and punished with prolonged standing, handcuffing, solitary confinement, being cursed by a group of people, or sent to the Strictly Disciplined Team (where practitioners would be subjected to long term confinement, forced brainwashing plus all kinds of torture) and denied regular meetings with the family.

Because of her firm belief in Dafa, Zhou Pinjun was severely tortured, causing her tremendous mental and physical damage. Since she was sent to the "Education and Conversion Unit," the police persecuted her around the clock. In order to increase the intensity of the brainwashing, they did not arrange any forced slave labor work. They used different kinds of methods trying to convert her. She always had a pleasant smile but under such high pressure and torture, she looked very weary. According to sources, the prison guards recently sent Zhou Pinjun to the "Strictly Disciplined Team" again in an attempt to persecute her further. They also gave an order to stop her regular monthly meeting with her family.

Currently, Zhou Pinjun has a three-and-a-half-year-old child at home. Her husband Lei Yangfan and family members are enduring great pressure. The Hunan Province Female Prison has sealed recent information from going out, and under this high-pressure persecution, we don't know Zhou Pinjun's recent condition.

Zhou Pinjun's family phone numbers:

Mother: Zhou Yuying, chairperson and director of Taiwan Association for Relations with China Female

Address: 19 Zhongxin Street, 11th floor, Dali City, Taizhong, Taiwan

00886-424854197 (Home), 0918580167 (Cell)

Brother: Zhou Jie 86-731-4452329 (Home), 86-13307312577(Cell)

Sister-in-law: Hu Rong 86-731-6644623, 86-13308461126(Cell)

Husband Lei Yangfan and in-law's home: 86-731-2211492 (Home)

Offices and Staff members involved in the persecution:

1) Hunan Province Female Prison

Assistant Director: Zhao Lan (In charge of persecuting Dafa practitioners in Female Prison) 86-731-2323878 (Home), 86-731-2323007 (Office), 86-13308498728(Cell)

Education Department Director: Ao Chunling (Actively participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners in the Female Prison), 86-731-2323039 (Office), 86-13975163288(Cell)

Education Department Assistant Director: Zhang Zhuo (Actively participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners in the Female Prison) 86-731-2323039 (Office), 86-13975868160(Cell)

"Education and Conversion Unit": 86-731-2323040

Education Department: 86-731-2323039

Prison Political Department: 86-731-2323030

Prison Investigation Department: 86-731-2323043

Prison Entrance Unit: 86-731-2323710

Address: Xiangzhang Street, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2, Changsha City, Hunan Province, 410004


2) Prison Management Bureau, Hunan Province: (Supervising unit for the Female Prison)

Assistant Director: Li Yunfeng (In charges of the correction of people serving terms) 86-731-4592780 (Office), 86-731-4592233 (Home), 86-13908463868 (Cell)

Punishment Execution Unit: 86-731-4592632

Prison Political Unit: 86-731-4592630

Education Conversion Unit: 86-731-4592770

Office: 86-731-4592678

Political Unit: 86-731-4592767

Disciplinary Committee: 86-731-4592669

Working Unit Party Committee: 86-731-4592773

Address: 246 Bayi Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province, 410001


3) Political Guarding Unit, Kaifu District Public Security branch, Changsha City:



4) Kaifu District People's Prosecutor's Office, Changsha City

Head of the Prosecutor's Office: 86-731-4514884

Assistant Head of the Prosecutor's Office: 86-731-4553635

Office: 86-731-4553649


5) Kaifu District People's Court, Changsha City

Director's Office: 86-731-4558976

Office: 86-731-4513100