Two thousand years ago, there was a supernatural being called Wang Chizhong who lived in Big Xia Mountain and Small Xia Mountain

( The Minghui book series "Blessed Baby's Fairy Tales" will release its first edition on May 13, 2004, which is World Falun Dafa Day. The books are published in Chinese only at this time.

The series aims to introduce traditional culture and basic moral principles, as well as provide a healthy and pure spiritual education for children. We hope that parents and teachers can work together to guide and nurture their children and educate them to be honest, kind, wise, self-disciplined people who can benefit more to both society and families.

Volume 1: Stories about divine spirits and legends

ISBN: 957-552-749-6

Volume 2: The story of the family with two ladles

ISBN: 957-552-750-X

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A long long time ago, there was a beautiful and pure little village called Tian Hui Village



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Volume one: Stories about divine spirits and legends


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Volume two: The story of the family with two ladles

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