Police in the First Female Labor Camp in Shandong Province overwork practitioners to make money for themselves. While doing this, they madly torture the steadfast practitioners. Some of the police have been punished by the heavenly principles of karmic retribution.

1. Overworking Practitioners

Shandong Province's First Female Labor Camp detains over 200 practitioners at present and the police force practitioners to work more than 10 hours of hard labor each day while monitoring them in shifts. Regardless of their age, all practitioners are forced to work at the loading docks. Two trucks containing bags of raw materials and finished goods which weigh more than 50 pounds each are loaded and unloaded within minutes, exhausting all practitioners. There are no breaks at the shop, and for a day to end at 10:30 p.m. would be considered early. Any unfinished work has to be finished at the cell blocks. Sometimes the practitioners have to stay up until past midnight or even overnight in order to meet their quotas. Practitioners are allowed a 10-minute break when they are too tired to continue and request a break, but they will not be allowed to move freely in the yard. Every year the labor camp makes more than one million Yuan in profit, while the police have earned huge bonuses through exploiting practitioners. Tens of thousands of hand-made quilts and wedding gowns are exported to the United States, Korea, and Russia. The labor camp supplies hand-crafted products to the following companies:

  • Jinhong Handcrafts Company in Wulian County, Shandong Province
  • Shuangjia Textile Company in Rizhao City, Shandong Province
  • Wande Group Company in Wendeng City, Shandong Province
  • Lideer Crafts Company in Shandong Province
  • Xinyi Clothing Company in Taian City, Shandong Province
  • Tianyi Printing Company in Jinan City, Shandong Province.

The policemen responsible for production include:

  • Diao Chunfeng, badge number 3732002
  • Li Chengzhong, badge number 3732032

2. The Evil Actions of the Police

One day in April 2003, the captain of Team I, Wang Shuzhen, put practitioner Zhao Jihua in solitary confinement for five days, and did not let her sleep. Wang ordered a few inmates to gather around her and force her to listen to propaganda defaming Dafa. Wang slapped her face while he was talking.

Also in April, Wang held Li Wenli's hand and forced her to sign the "Denouncing Paper" [to renounce her belief in Falun Gong.] Li resisted and was handcuffed for half a month. Wang also ordered inmate Lu Fengchen to hit Li.

In October 2003, policewomen Shi Yongmei and Sun Xiufeng put Li Wenli in solitary confinement for a month, with her hands and legs shackled to the wall, and did not let her sleep. Li gradually suffered from a mental breakdown due to prolonged torture.

Practitioner Zhang Jimei continued the practice the Falun Gong exercises and study the teachings after she was brought to the labor camp in 2001. She was put in solitary confinement for the whole summer of 2002, isolated in a single cell, and guarded by a designated person. According to eyewitnesses, Zhang was bound to the bed and force-fed with tubes shoved through her nose after she went on a hunger strike. A large bruise was seen on her calf.

Practitioner Yi Shuling was put into solitary confinement in May 2003. The police directed inmates Sun Xun and Ren Fengxia to torture her and not let her drink. Inmate Liu Xiuyun used spikes to hit her head. Ren used strings to press against her mouth to disrupt her from brushing her teeth. One day in June at noon, when Liu Xiuyun was getting her food for lunch, Yi Shuling took the opportunity and ran out and grabbed the iron gates and yelled: "They beat me and do not let me drink!" with a dry and hoarse voice. The police covered her mouth and pulled her back to the cell. One night in July, Yi was secretly sent to a psychiatric hospital.

In September 2003 practitioner Tian Fengying, a 58 year-old college teacher from Jinan City, and Lu Xiufeng, a 50 year-old farmer from Dezhou City, did not stand up when the police walked into the room for the meeting. A policewoman criticized them and got some inmates to write a false report, planning to teach Tian and Lu a lesson. A few days later they suddenly called a meeting. With a dozen police in position, two policewomen brought Tian and Lu in and pushed them to the front and began to cite their wrongdoings and declared that the camp was adding two months to Tian's term. Lu's term was not extended, but she was put into isolation and handcuffed for 10 days. They forbade her to sleep and would not permit her to use the toilet forcing her her to urinate and excrete in her cell.

3. The Police Receive Punishment

Shandong Province's First Female Labor Camp police persecuted practitioners, attempting to force them to give up their belief, which caused great trauma to practitioners' physical and mental health. There have been several practitioners who were tortured to death (including those who died soon after their release), and many were psychologically traumatized from the torture. With all the bad deeds, many police have received karmic retribution in accordance with the principles of Heaven. Recently, policewoman Wang Quicai had a kidney problem, policeman Xu Huachang got a peculiar skin disease which caused his skin to grow infected patches of rashes when exposed to the sun, and policeman Yang Enwei had sore arms and legs, having to wear heavy clothes in the summer and rely on pills just to get a few hours of sleep every night.

Partial List with Badge Numbers of Police who have committed crimes against Falun Dafa practitioners in Shandong Province's First Female Labor Camp

Camp Director Jiang Lihang: 3732001

Captain of First Team, Wang Shuzhen: 3732076

Deputy Captain of First Team, Sun Xiufeng: 3732057

Policewoman Geng Xiaomei: 3732060

Policewoman Liu JianHui 3732014