On September 5, 2000, local policeman Zhang Zhixin went to my home to arrest me. I escaped using righteous thoughts.

In October 2001, when a census was taken, policeman Liu Qiuyun refused to register my children and me unless I gave up the practice of Falun Gong.

While I was illegally imprisoned, my 20-year-old elder daughter was forced to discontinue her independent studies, and shoulder the family financial burden. In addition, she had to take care of her younger sister. Because the police did not register my younger daughter, she could not attend middle school. My elder daughter ran around everywhere exhausting all means to try to get her sister into a school. At the same time, she rushed back and forth between the detention center, labor camp, brainwashing class and police station, trying to get me out.

On October 3, 2000, I was abducted by Guancheng District Police Station. Policeman Wang Ding extorted over 900 yuan from my daughter to have me released. However, after getting the money, instead of letting me go home the police illegally sentenced me to one and a half years of forced labor education, and sent me to the Shibalihe Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City.

In March 2002, the superintendent at the Bishagang Park police station stole a suit valued at 200 yuan, from my daughter, and 300 yuan in cash for gas expense. The police then sent me to Zhongyuan District Detention Center.

In December 2000, my elder daughter came to the Eighth Section of the Prison to deliver two new cotton bed quilts to me. However, the police from the Guancheng District Police Station seized the quilts and used it as a rug for the police van.

Many of the clothing, daily necessities and food sent to me by my daughters was confiscated by the prison guards at the Shibalihe Labor Camp for their own use. They also frequently called up my daughters to harass them and slander me, and lied to them to cause them worry by telling them that I had been causing trouble, and therefore my term would be extended.

In March 2003, my elder daughter came to the brainwashing class to deliver food and clothing to me. Twice, the guards at the gate took the food for their own consumption.

The phones of my elder daughter's colleagues were also illegally tapped. The number and times of her leaving and entering the house, coming and going to work were recorded by people stationed at selected locations. Friends and colleagues visiting her were illegally forced to register, and were followed. They eavesdropped and monitored all the phone calls to and from my home.

Since June, the police have been conspiring with principal Dong of the 26th Middle School to keep my younger daughter under surveillance. Her every move is closely watched, in the hallway, the parking lot or the playground, when she goes to the bookstore on Sundays, or goes to visit schoolmates on holidays. She is followed every day when she goes to school and when she leaves school. Several times the greeting and Christmas cards she put in the mailboxes of her schoolmates were opened and destroyed by the police tailing her.

Under such enormous pressure, my younger daughter's academic performance plummeted. What's more disheartening was that she had already given up practicing Falun Dafa by the time I was released from the labor camp. She learned Falun Dafa at the age of 5 or 6. When she was 9, her schoolmates asked her to write down her aspirations in the diary, she wrote down unmistakably, "return to my original true self." In May 2002, I took her to Tiananmen Square, but now she has been forced to abandon her belief and often fearfully pleads with me, "Mom, please don't go outside no matter what, otherwise I won't see you again when I come home. It is so horrible." She once wrote down her experience being persecuted by the police and handed to her teacher; however, she always tried to avoid telling me when I asked her about the persecution. I never know to what extent they have persecuted my child; I only know that she suffered a lot mentally and psychologically.

Under the suppression of the Jiang's regime, a fledgling child is flagrantly persecuted and devastated by police and her school principal who have no respect for the law and are devoid of human nature.

In November when her school teacher paid us a home visit, I asked her to file a report with the school authorities about the persecution of my child, she shied away from the topic repeatedly. However, my child's schoolmates all know about the persecution.

The school also set examination questions based on contents that slandered Dafa, poisoning the young children and polluting their innocent minds.

Mine is only one of numerous cases persecuted without just cause. I know other people living nearby have also being similarly persecuted by the police, including Meng Jing from the Minghong residential area, Liu Jihong from the Wangshang Apartment Complex, Chen Rongrong from the Agriculture University, and a practitioner living on Jingba Road who was forced to leave home to avoid unlawful arrest and constant harassment.

I am exposing the authorities crimes against my family and myself to appeal to the society and all just people to condemn those who trample on the constitution, so that our inalienable rights and freedom of belief can be upheld, and may the glow of justice light up all your hearts.

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