(Clearwisdom.net) Three years ago our fellow Dafa practitioner Ms. Ma Yanfang died an unjustified death.

Her kindness, her smile and the persecution she suffered often make us think of her.

Ms. Ma Yanfang died at the age of 33. She lived in Xingshigou Village, Darenhe Town, Shandong Province Zhucheng City. Ms. Ma, a kind-hearted and honest person, was an employee at the Zhucheng Ceramic Factory. Her husband Zhao Bingjun had served in the army near Beijing, so she took care of all the household work. With a small child to take care of, heavy factory work and long hours of overtime work, her health had deteriorated and she had suffered from many diseases. Seeing doctors and taking all kinds of medication and trying various Qigong did not help her. In 1997 she started cultivation in Falun Gong. Since then her health had improved and she felt happy.

Two years after she had benefited more and more from the cultivation, the persecution of Falun Gong started. After finishing his army duty, her husband came back to be a Party committee member in Haogezhuang of Zhucheng City, and was put in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. Being deeply deceived by Jiang Zemin regime's lies, her husband vigorously opposed her cultivation. He tore up Dafa books, abused her and often tied her hands to her back and locker her in the kitchen. Her work place officials closely monitored Ma Yanfang, even following her when she went to the restroom. Since she didn't give up cultivation, she was fined and was forced to write a guarantee letter.

On December 18, 1999, Ma Yanfang rode a bicycle towards Beijing to appeal to the government, her constitutional right, but was abducted in Zibo City and was sent back to Zhucheng. She was unlawfully interrogated in the Chengguan police station. Cao Jinhui, head of the Political & Security Division beat her badly and forced her to squat on the ground. In the evening of December 20, 1999 she was sent to the Zhucheng detention center and was detained for a month, during which time Cao Jinhui wildly tormented her. Once during an interrogation Cao Jinhui wanted to force her to renounce her cultivation, but Ma Yanfang refused. Cao then fiercely hit Ma's face with a broom till the broom was totally destroyed.

After the detention term was over, Ma Yanfang was sent back to her work place. The police from the Political & Security Division extorted 3,000 Yuan from her. Her work place extorted 4,000 Yuan, cancelled her factory membership and allowed her to work for two more years. The factory's former head Wang Shuzhong, former deputy head Zhang Zhijian, security office head Jiang Zhuxiang, and Party committee secretary Wang Liqun conspired in a bad deed. They locked her in a small room in the factory and forced her to pay 20 Yuan per day as "monitoring people's stipend." During this period her husband Zhao Bingjun had beaten her badly, kicked her with shoes on and slapped her.

In April 2000, Ma Yanfang walked to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. At that time she only had 10 Yuan in her possession. She just drank river water, ate cold buns and slept on the ground next to the road at night. Being in this very difficult situation, she cut her long hair and sold it for nine Yuan. Overcoming all kinds of tribulations, she walked for 17 days and arrived in Beijing. After coming back from Beijing, her husband again beat her fiercely.

On June 9, 2000, Ms. Ma Yanfang requested to resume her work in the factory. As a result, she was again detained in a small room and monitored. Factory Party committee secretary Wang Liqun , former deputy head Zhang Zhijian, and Security office head Jiang Zhuxiang took away her Dafa book. She started a hunger strike to get back her Dafa book, but was sent to the Zhucheng Psychiatric Hospital for further abuse and mistreatment. The nurses and medical staff at the hospital administered forceful injections on her and forced her to take other medicine. Two months later, in August 2000, Ma Yanfang died as a result of torture in the Zhucheng Psychiatric Hospital.

Jiang Zemin and his cohorts were the reason for Ma Yanfang's death. They killed a good person, merely for cultivating in Dafa.