(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Ling is a student in the Chemistry Department of Hebei's Handan Normal Junior College. Because she practices Falun Gong, officers from her local police station arrested her in 2001. Ms. Liu was detained for more than five months, during which time the college attempted to force her to give up her belief.

Ms. Liu Ling contacted the school authorities after her release and has often requested to be reinstated. The persons in charge, however, including He Xiuying, the Student Affairs Section head and others, compelled her to write the "four statements" and slander Falun Dafa during a large-scale meeting. Ms. Liu Ling resisted the unreasonable requests many times and clarified the truth to vice president Guo Zhenxing, head of the Student Affairs Section He Xiuying, head of the security section Wei, and chemistry department directors Wang and Xie Qiaoling. But they choose to adhere stubbornly to their wrongdoings and expelled Liu Ling from the college. During the suspension, on February 9, 2002, the college sent Wei, He Xiuying, and Wang to Liu Ling's home to check if she was home, fearing that she would go to Beijing and appeal for Falun Dafa.

During the 2002 summer vacation, Zhang Baojun, head of the security section, He Xiuying, and Xie Qiaoling deceived Liu Ling's family members by saying that the school would cover her brainwashing class expenses and as soon as she was reformed, she would be allowed to go back to school. Liu Ling's family saw through their conspiracy and resisted it with righteous thoughts. The plot failed.

Before the Sixteenth Party Congress in 2002, local police again arrested Liu Ling and detained her at a detention center for more than five months. The school shut its eyes to it. After Liu Ling was released she went to the school and continued to request reinstatement, and a stop to the discriminatory persecution against her. But the primary person in charge, Guo Zhenxing, as well as the heads of student affairs Zhao Yan and He Xiuying, would not allow her to continue her studies, using the excuse that she did not give up her belief.

Liu Ling's suspension from school has now lasted more than three years.

The primary persons in charge in the Handan Normal Junior College, zip code 056002:

Guo Zhenxing, Vice President, 86-310-6260028 (Office), 86-310-3162898 (Home)
Zhao Yan, head of the Student Affairs Section, 86-310-6128008 (Office), 86-310-3012086 (Home), 86-13013205833 (Cell)
He Xiuying, head of the Student Affairs Section, 86-310-6260106 (Office), 86-310-2067290 (Home), 86-13303109560 (Cell)
Wei XX, head of the Security Section, 86-310-3023260 (Home)
Zhang Baojun, head of the Security Section, 86-310-6260135 (Office), 86-13001869400 (Cell)
Chemistry Department Office: 86-310-6260300, 6260301, 6260302

Phone numbers of some other leaders at Handan Normal College:

Wang Hansuo, Party secretary 86-310-6260016 (Office)
Xin Yanhuai, President, 86-310-6260626 (Office)
Hu Guohua, Vice President, 86-310-6260666 (Office)
Wu Changzeng, Vice President, 86-310-6260118 (Office)
Zhang Maosheng, Vice President, 86-310-6260036 (Office)
Song Yuhong, Vice President, 86-310-6260018 (Office)
Liu Xishen, Vice President, 86-310-6260678 (Office)
Zhang Yunwei, Vice Principal 86-310-6260896 (Office)
Lu Shuyue, Vice President, 86-310-6260696 (Office)
Zhu Chonglin, Disciplinary Inspection Commission Secretary: 86-310-6260518 (Office)