Recently, Falun Dafa practitioners have been very active in clarifying the truth. We have been working with many practitioners from different countries, and even more so these days when the United Nations Human Rights Commission is in session and it is being proposed to condemn China for its human rights violations.

Moved as a whole body with righteous thoughts and actions, eliminating all evil and interference, Falun Dafa practitioners from Santo Domingo carried out many activities with the purpose to reach high ranking officials in the Dominican government, and help them understand, in a positive way, who we are and the situation of the persecution in China.

Today, I wanted to share this experience that I had clarifying the truth.

Where I work, on April 19, we celebrate the General Comptroller Day. A celebration for all the employees is organized and the special guest is the President of the Republic, whom I planned to approach to give materials regarding the persecution and to clarify the facts.

I received an invitation by fax, addressed to my immediate superior, to attend the latest presentation of the anti-corruption proposal from the Presidential Candidate, Hipólito Mejia (the current President, running for reelection for a new period). I immediately asked my boss if I could attend, since the invitation was for her and for three members of a committee from the institution. She answered that there was no problem, and I could attend.

That was the moment I was waiting for. I communicated with my fellow practitioners and that night a letter was prepared addressed to the President. Interferences were present. The power went out and the letter was edited with the help of an electricity power supply that shutdown as soon as the letter was printed.

The next morning, I arrived early at the conference room where the event took place. I was the first guest to arrive, since I wanted to be seated in a strategic location, to be able to address the President. I talked to the President's security service, clarified the truth to them, gave them materials, etc. I was seated in the forth row. Those seats were not for guests, but I stayed there anyway.

Everybody was moved to another area of the room. I remained there, yet nobody said anything to me. It was like if nobody could see me. I was reading and sending righteous thoughts.

At a point I had some doubt, since I thought the security guards were going to let me get close to the President, but they moved him to another place and I thought: "He is not going to come out from that door, and if he leaves, I won't be able to approach him."

In a matter of seconds I woke up and told myself: "These thoughts are not mine, I am here to clarify the truth and deliver the letter to the President, I don't need the guards to do it, besides Teacher arranged everything for this occasion, I am here for something important and everything is arranged, everything is alright, calm down."

I was there, but I cannot say exactly what issues were addressed, since I was sending righteous thoughts all the time. When the event was ending, the guards showed me where the President was going to exit and they told me where to stand. One of them cleared the way saying: "Move away, clear the way..." and then added: "Only the lady, she has something important to give to the President."

I greeted the President and briefly told him about the human rights violations in China against Falun Dafa practitioners and the importance of supporting the United States in the resolution to condemn China, etc. I could only say a few things. I gave him the material and the letter. He took it, looked at it and gave it to his assistants telling them to keep that for him.

I took the opportunity, since many high-ranking officials were there, and gave material to them and clarified the truth as much as possible, since many people talked to them at the same time and I was in the middle. I approached the President of the Senate, the General Procurator of the Republic, the Chief of Police, the Director of the Foundation for Justice, representatives of the USAID, the Minister of Prevention of Corruption, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of the National Institute of Housing, among others.

When I left, I felt weak and tired. It was almost noon and when going back to the office I sent righteous thoughts.

I believe that Teacher arranged this wonderful opportunity. Getting close to the President of the country is not easy. To be able to see all the high-ranking government officials and be able, even though in few words, to address the topic of Falun Dafa and clarify the truth is not easy. Teacher did not leave me alone and arranged everything for the message to arrive.

I always remember a few words: "Righteous thoughts and righteous actions."