Solemn Declaration

I've taken the long way in the journey of Fa-rectification. Because of my lack of understanding of the principles, because of my lack of strong righteous thoughts, and because of my desire to complete tasks, the police arrested and sent me to a detention center four times and fined me three times in the last couple of years. They illegally sentenced me to labor camp twice.

In August 2002 I was handing out materials clarifying the truth of Falun Gong when the police arrested me. They brutally beat me with electric batons and demanded to know where I had gotten the materials. My heart was very righteous at that moment, and I think Teacher took the burden for me, so they didn't get the information they wanted. They sentenced me to two years of labor camp because I wouldn't give up my faith, and then they continued to persecute me.

In the labor camp they persecute practitioners using more secretive and poisonous methods. The guards would pretend to be kind but then would deprive us of sleep and try to brainwash us. Those who had enlightened along an evil path (succumbed to the brainwashing and renounced their faith) would expound their deviant principles here and there. Because I still had a lot of human notions and demonic interference from my own mind, I felt that I was very steadfast toward Dafa. Then I slowly began to feel that those who had enlightened along an evil path had some good points. In time I went over to their side.

I wrote the "Three Statements" and committed errors that practitioners should not. I followed the wrong path, and I didn't know that I was going against Dafa.

Then, through Teacher's compassionate hints, fellow practitioners' kind help, and my earnest reading of the Falun Dafa principles and books, I was able to return in January 2004. I awoke from the nightmare and sincerely regretted what I had done. I realized that I had been wrong; I had let the evil take advantage of me and betrayed Dafa.

I solemnly declare that I denounce the persecutors' brainwashing. The things I said and wrote during the brainwashing sessions are null and void. I will do my best to expose the crimes committed against practitioners and rectify myself. I will refuse the old forces' arrangements, eliminate the evil with my righteous thoughts, let go of my attachment to my selfish heart, and genuinely understand the Fa from the standpoint of the Fa. I will follow the pace of Fa-rectification and not upset Teacher's compassionate salvation. I want to thank Teacher for his great compassion and salvation. I will do the three things (send forth righteous thoughts, clarify the truth, and study the principles) correctly and compensate for the damages I've committed against Dafa.

By Sheng Fuhua, March 5, 2004


Solemn Declaration

After July 20, 1999 (when the persecution of Falun Gong began officially), I focused on one thought: to say "a few words of justice for Teacher and Dafa." In 2000, I was severely tested. My company fired me and my husband drove me out my home. Because of my shallow understanding of Dafa, I didn't know how to handle these situations and just accepted them passively. I faced a lot of contradictions during that time. Why did I always fall down? When my persecutors asked me critical questions, why did I cloud the issues with rhetoric? Today, as the result of Teacher's compassionate hints, I have found the deeply hidden poisonous root (of my attachment): it is the fact that I couldn't let go of "self". I don't know how to explain the feeling I had when I thought about my unconscious weighing of Dafa and Fa-rectification against my selfish heart. I feel happy now even though it's a bit late. I will dedicate myself to Fa-rectification. I will do the three things correctly to compensate for my mistakes. I hereby declare null and void all the rhetoric I used when being pressured by the professional persecutors and all the guarantees and acts that my family wrote and committed that are against Dafa.

Declared by Zheng Yinyue

March 12, 2004