(Clearwisdom.net) For a period of time, as I talked to people about the persecution facts, the goodness of Dafa, and becoming a better person through cultivation practice, some were reluctant to listen to me, and sometimes even showed a negative attitude by asking, "Why do you want to talk to me about this? Aren't there any good people besides Falun Gong practitioners? What does Falun Gong's being good or not have to do with us?

I examined myself to see if there was anything I was not doing correctly. One day I realized that as I clarified the truth to people, my thoughts were not originating from the compassionate virtue of being responsible for them. Instead, I hid mentalities such as showing-off, complacency, and making my own self look bigger and better. I needed to clarify the truth to people with compassion. When I talk to them with an attitude of standing high above them, they dislike what I say. People's attitudes against my words, to some extent, have exposed my own attachments to enable me to get rid of those mentalities.

I still talk with people about the persecution and the beauty of Dafa. More often I talk to them from the angle of a regular member of the public. I say to them "we disclose the evil doings of Jiang's regime and hope you can support justice, support Dafa, and join us in stopping the persecution." All people who hear me when I talk in this manner say, "What you just said is so good!"

From this experience, I realized that when we clarify the truth, we should think from the listeners' angle. If they are able to understand the vicious things happening in the world, we can talk to them about the crimes committed by Jiang's regime; if they can understand truth and justice, we can clarify the truth of Falun Gong and the persecution. "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance" is actually the virtuous nature of mankind. If they can understand this, we can tell them that understanding the truth of Dafa and supporting Falun Gong will bring them a bright future.

If we want to save sentient beings, we should rid ourselves of the mentality of showing-off and the thoughts of standing high above others. Only if we can clarify the truth with compassion, truly thinking from their perspective, and as a result have them agree with Dafa, support Dafa, and even join in cultivation practice of Falun Gong, will sentient beings truly obtain salvation.

April 12, 2004