Facts of the Persecution

1) Ms. Zhu Dan is a 27-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Changchun City, Jilin Province. She was abducted by Changchun City police three months ago. Policemen covered her face with a black plastic bag, and dragged her down stairs to a basement, where they tortured her. They put her on a "tiger bench" (1) to torture her. She is still being detained in the Shuangyang No.3 Detention Center.

2) We are Falun Dafa practitioners from Qiliqiao Town, Qiyang County, Hunan Province. On June 16, 1999, more than 30 of us were arrested and taken to the Town Detention Center. We were interrogated, detained for 15 days, and 300 Yuan (2) was extorted from each us. On July 20, 1999, police from the town substation stormed into practitioner, Mr. Zou Lizhong's home, detained him for 15 days, and extorted 300 Yuan from him as well. On December 20, 1999, twelve of us went to Beijing to appeal. We were all abducted by the police, and locked in the County Detention Center. Among us, Mr. Xie Fangfa was sentenced to 18 months in a labor camp, and Mr. Zou Lizhong was sentenced to one year of forced labor. The rest of us were detained for seven months, and inhumanely tortured.

(1) "tiger bench": practitioners are forced to sit on a small iron bench that is approximately 20 cm (6 inches) tall with their knees tied together. With their hands tied behind their backs or sometimes placed on their knees, they are forced to sit straight up and look straight ahead. They are not allowed to turn their heads, close their eyes, talk to anyone or move at all. Several inmates are assigned to watch over the practitioners and force them to remain motionless while sitting on the bench. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the practitioners' lower legs or ankles to make it more painful(see illustration on <http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html>).

(2) Yuan: the Chinese currency; the average monthly pay of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan