(Clearwisdom Net) A fellow practitioner was imprisoned at a local police station for a month after she went to Beijing to appeal peacefully. After her release, she was fined, forced to pay a 1,000-Yuan deposit, and fired from her job. I helped her to get a job with my company as a delivery worker. She worked very hard, worked well with others, and was soon among the best delivery workers. Everybody in the company liked her.

One day I received a phone call from her husband. He asked me to find somebody else since she couldn't come to work anymore. I was upset when I heard the news, since I believed that he was being threatened by the police. I asked him why, but he only told me to find somebody else, even though there seemed to be something else he wasn't willing to tell me.

Her husband called me the next day, and told me that he had called me from the police station the first time, and his wife was now detained there. I asked him what was going on. He told me that the police station had instructed his wife to pick up the deposit she paid last year. Once she got to the police station, the police not only refused to give her back the deposit, they also asked her to write a statement to guarantee she wouldn't practice Falun Gong, or else she would have to pay a fine and be sent to a forced labor camp. After I heard this, the first thing that came to my mind was that they were doing something absolutely illegal. I asked for the police station's phone number and told him I would call them.

My call went through:

Police: "Hello, who do you want to talk to?"

Me: "I need to talk to your chief."

Police: "He is in a meeting now."

I realized that my mental state was not right after hanging up the phone. Police are also among those who are deceived and used, and they should be saved too. After a while, I called them again. They told me that the chief was back from the meeting, but he was unavailable.

After I finished the phone call, I examined what I did. I found that my behavior was totally controlled by my sentimentality--the sentimentality I felt for this practitioner, and the resentment toward those who persecute Dafa practitioners. Even though I understood that we should save all sentient beings, I didn't have kindness and compassion in my heart. Everything I did was following my favoritism--a showing of selfishness.

"Since as Dafa disciples you cultivate Shan, and you have to be compassionate to all beings." "Even when in your daily life you pass by people so quickly that you don't have a chance to talk to them, you should still leave them with your compassion and kindness. Don't lose those who should be saved, especially those with predestined connections." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference") I calmed down gradually. Yes, I should leave Dafa's magnificence and compassion with them.

I called the police station again while sending forth righteous thoughts. The police chief picked up the phone. I asked him if my fellow practitioner was in the police station. He answered that she was not in the police station, but was with the district government. He didn't give me the phone number of the district government when I asked for it. I could tell he was not telling the truth, and that she was still in the police station. I didn't ask any more questions. Instead, I just wanted to let him know about Dafa disciples' kindness and splendor. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I told him that she was a conscientious employee who was willing to work on any assignment and treated her co-workers with kindness. Everyone in the company liked her a lot, and we didn't want to lose such a good employee. In addition, I told him that our products were fresh produce, and we would lose thousands of Yuan if deliveries were delayed for even one day. If she had to take care of something, she should be allowed to stop by at the company to delegate her work. I asked him to send a message to the district government that we wanted her to come back to work as soon as possible. While speaking with the police chief, I was calm and my heart was filled with compassion. I wanted to leave Dafa disciple's kindness and compassion with him. Meanwhile, I was sending forth righteous thoughts to clear evils in other dimensions that were controlling him.

I left the office after the phone call. After a while, my company called me and told me that the police station was going to send the fellow practitioner back to the company and asked me to come back. I sent forth righteous thoughts on my way back to my company. The other practitioner was back at the company the minute I returned. The police chief told me, "Look, we brought her back as soon as you called us." I smiled. I knew it was Dafa's power and Master's compassion that saved my fellow practitioner. I was happy for her, and I was happy for the police chief who fixed his mistake.