(Clearwisdom.net) In our area, Dafa practitioners cooperate very well overall. During Fa-rectification period cultivation, be it in group projects or in individual activities, everyone should be able to let go of their ego. As a result, we have created a good environment. We can have group studies and experience sharing conferences any time. But because of personal attachments, I had not fully realized the importance of group Fa study until recently.

I went to stay at my mother's house for the Chinese New Year holidays. With strong righteous thoughts, I took Dafa flyers and VCDs with me. My first day there, I went out to distribute flyers. Everything went smoothly, because my mind was righteous. But after that, I became slack and started to watch TV and do housework. My mind was occupied by everyday people's things. I forgot to study the Fa and made excuses for not doing the exercises.

In the past, when the whole family was against my practicing Falun Gong, I always stayed alert. Now that they no longer oppose me and even support me if I want to do the exercises, read Dafa books or send forth righteous thoughts, I have become relaxed and lazy. The evil took advantage of my omission. I soon began to have a fever and had to stay in bed. Not long after I started to have a runny nose. In merely half a day, my nose and mouth became swollen. I knew clearly that the evil intended to persecute me to shake my family members' trust in Falun Dafa. But my primordial spirit still could not take control. I could not even pick up the Dafa book.

Luckily, I returned to my own home four days later. As soon as I set foot on the soil of my area, my primordial spirit suddenly became clear. (Dafa practitioners here have helped each other, the environment is good, and so there are fewer evil elements) When I called a fellow practitioner, he was in a group Fa-study. I went over to join them right away. After less than one hour of Fa-study, my runny nose, sneezing and tears all stopped. I felt completely energized. I came to realize the importance of group Fa-study and the importance of keeping to the way Teacher has shown us. In the Fa-rectification period, regular group Fa-study safeguards an environment for practitioners to progress together.

We also encountered many difficulties when we first organized group studies. At the beginning, when a practitioner realized that we should study the Fa together, she started to organize small group Fa-study in her house. At that time, the evil in our area was still very rampant. Some fellow practitioners were even afraid of going to her house because she was being watched by the police. Her husband also put much pressure on her. She contacted some practitioners individually to convince them. With great difficulties, they organized a few group studies. But before long, the police started to monitor her house.

Whenever I recall the situation then and the high pressure she was under, I can't help crying. At that time, her parents and younger brother were all detained in labor camps and suffered harsh persecution. When we learned about the police surveillance, we did not stop our regular study. Many practitioners offered their own homes for group study. Despite the evil interference, we created a good environment. Later she realized that we should establish a Minghui School, and now the young practitioners also have an environment for group Fa-study.

Along with our group Fa-study, everyone's mind nature improved rapidly. Practitioners who used to stay at home now come out to join other practitioners in Fa-rectification. We are doing better and better in clarifying the facts. More and more new practitioners have attained the Fa. Some veteran practitioners focus on clarifying the facts to the police and heads of the "610 office." Many of them began to realize the truth. There is a practitioner who never clarified the facts in the past. But after attending group studies, he began to clarify the facts to many people. During a wedding, his talk attracted everyone's attention. People sat there listening to him clarifying the facts. Many people learned the truth about Falun Gong at the wedding. Once a practitioner followed a police officer, who was responsible for the issues of Falun Gong, and asked him if he knew the truth about Falun Gong. The policeman quickly said, "Yes, I do. I do."

February 10, 2004