I am 35 years old and make a self-employed living in a vegetable market. My temper was always very bad since I was little. I remember when I was in primary school, the teacher often came to my home and talked with my parents because I was fighting. My academic results were always poor. I did not finish my studies in primary school and just stayed home. I then drifted about in society. Watching me change for the worse day by day, my parents were very anxious, but they could not do anything about it.

After I got married, my parents hoped that my temper would become better. My temper became worse and worse, though, causing them great disappointment. I started to curse and beat my wife. When I decided to open a business selling chickens at the market, I quarreled with everyone, both there and at home. My reputation was known by all the vendors in the market. I abused people within three sentences. Sometimes when I was annoyed I would hit people. Vendors around me all gave way to me.

In the spring of 2003, my wife could not bear my physical and verbal abuse and left me, going to live in her parents' home. She wanted a divorce and almost the entire family was disappointed with me. I was anxious about this and ran to my parents-in-law's place and wholeheartedly expressed that I would change. While looking at me, my wife thought about our young child, so little, and she came home with me.

In the autumn of 2003, I met an elderly lady in the market. She was always telling us about Falun Dafa. I was indifferent at the beginning. One day, however, she gave my wife a book entitled "Prophecy of Notes by Ge An" (an ancient book from Korea). I picked it up and had a look when I had time. I was shocked and attracted by the foretelling of recent events from ancient Korea. I was especially convinced by the precision of these prophesies that mentioned the vast spread of Falun Dafa and what it said about Master Li. So I got Zhuan Falun and read it from beginning to end at one sitting. In only a few days, I felt my temper was not bad anymore and I felt closer to people around me. My wife said that I had changed towards other people. I knew that all of these were because of Dafa. I then vowed in my heart to give up evil deeds, to return to goodness and to firmly practice Falun Dafa. I was a person who regarded money as my life and was not willing to spend any of it for my wife's clothes, yet I decided to take 50 yuan to the elderly lady who introduced Dafa to me so that she could use it to let more people learn the truth of Falun Dafa.

I understand that it is Falun Dafa that saved me and my broken family and enabled the three of us to live in the Buddha's light. I urged again and again to the old lady to please take my money to print information to save the people deceived by the lies fabricated by Jiang's regime. Later on, she returned the money to me and said, "Everyone has seen your pure heart, as had Master. Your family's economic situation is not so good and your child needs money to go to school." While looking at her kindly face, tears came down mine. The many practitioners around the world only think about others! I did not believe that there were so many good people in the world! But now I believe! Furthermore, I must join them.

After encountering Falun Dafa, I have been quite healthy. Sometimes I urged my wife to read the book and clarify the truth more. Under my influence, my son also started to practice. Furthermore, my cousin and a fellow businessman also said that they wanted to see the Dafa book. My change had a great influence in the market. Some people asked me what made me change. I answered loudly, "My parents could not change me, but Falun Dafa did."

In the winter of 2003, I was riding a motorcycle with my wife. I was traveling slowly, and had not understood that an emergency was about to happen. My wife was thrown from the back seat and I was thrown from the front. Before I could figure out what happened, a car drove into us and its wheels rolled over top of my calves. Surprisingly, my wife was not hurt at all. My knees were in pain, but after I rubbed them, they were not very painful anymore. I enlightened that all of this was because of my karma from my previous lives, killing chickens and doing bad things in this life. The karma was eliminated and endured by Master because I practiced Falun Dafa. After returning home, I discussed with my wife that perhaps we could stop doing the business of killing chickens since they are lives, too. Practitioners should not kill. Although our life would be a bit difficult, I would not kill for a living. If this was a barrier in my way of practice, why not stride over it?

During this year's spring festival (Chinese New Year), my wife and I decided go to our hometown because there are many people that do not know the truth of Dafa. We felt that we must bring the goodness of Dafa to them.

Before we left, practitioners gave me much truth-clarifying information, greeting cards and bookmarks. My wife and I went to a school in our hometown and stood on different sides of the gate. We handed out greeting cards and bookmarks. The kids were very happy. Some called out "Falun Dafa is good!" While looking at these innocent children, my eyes were wet with tears. We ran out of cards and bookmarks, but some kids still stood waiting and wouldn't leave. I kindly told them. "Children, I will bring more next time. Please remember that Falun Dafa is good and remember Truth, Compassion and Forbearance."

During New Year's Eve, everybody was busy pasting couplets (two rhymed lines carrying a deep meaning, a traditional form of Chinese calligraphy, to be pasted on the wall during the Chinese New Year) and making dumplings. We decided to distribute information to all of the families after eating dinner. I took some red paper and cut it into squares. I did not finish primary school and did not know how to use a calligraphy brush, but I neatly wrote "Fu" (which means "Blessing") on the paper and put these "Fu" and Dafa information into a plastic bag.

We started off. It was very cold, but we did not feel it. We decided to give "Fu" to all of the families and we knew that what we were delivering were the genuine, eternal blessings. For each one we sent, my heart was praying, "All of the predestined people must receive the blessings of Falun Dafa on the first day of the Spring Festival." We distributed them to three villages and then went home. It was daybreak by this time, and I told my wife that in my more than 30 years, this was my happiest new year ever.

The above is my experience encountering Falun Dafa. Thinking back only a few months ago, I was just an ignorant young man. Now I am a Dafa practitioner who bears a historically important task. Thank you Master! Thank you Dafa! Thank you fellow practitioners!