February 21, 2004/3/3

Truth-Clarifying Stories From Two Chinese Practitioners.

Practitioner A: Knowing Dafa is True Happiness

One night my husband and I drove to the countryside to distribute truth-clarifying materials. After we had distributed flyers in a few villages, a motorcyclist drove at high speed towards us to catch up with us. The man shouted, "Who are you? I want to take you to the police!" My husband and I immediately began to send forth righteous thoughts. We knew that we were saving sentient beings -- the most worthy cause in the universe, thus no one could stop us. Every road should be open for Dafa! We both realized that since he was chasing us, we would give him the chance to be saved.

We stopped our car. My husband asked him with a smile, "It is already dark. Why do you chase after us?" The man said rudely, "Who are you? Why did you post flyers on my door? I have no relationship with you, no hatred, and no resentment against you. What was the reason for giving us those flyers?" We both realized that the evil forces in other dimensions, which fears people learning the truth, controlled him and made him speak those words. So I told him, "You misunderstood us. Although there is no hatred and resentment between us, we have a great predestined relationship with each other. What we posted at your home are Falun Dafa materials, not some menacing letters. We actually are bringing you true happiness, because we are cultivating 'Truth, Compassion, Forbearance.' Please carefully read the materials at home. Learning the truth about Dafa will bring your family a bright future!" The man was speechless. He turned his motorcycle around and said to us, "OK, I'll go back home to take a look."

Practitioner B: Practitioners' Mission in Fa-Rectification is the Most Sacred

Each time I visit my mom, I take lots of truth-clarifying materials with me so that I won't miss any chances to save sentient beings.

One time when my son and I got off the bus, a car with a white license plate (a military vehicle) drove towards us, turned around and stopped beside the bus. After my son walked about ten steps, the car stopped in front of us. The driver opened the door and said to us, "Please get into the car!" I hesitated for a while. But the driver kept saying that he wanted to give us a ride. So I thanked him, picked up my son and got into his car.

I told him the truth about Falun Gong in a peaceful tone during the entire drive. The driver was listening silently. After we arrived close to the village where my mom lived, we got out at an intersection. I put few truth-clarifying materials next to him on the seat. I said to him, "These materials are for you to keep. Please let your family members read them. People who learn the truth of Falun Dafa will be rewarded with good fortune and have a wonderful future." The driver said frankly, "I don't know why. When I noticed you getting off the bus with a small kid, I felt that it would not be easy for you, as it was already getting dark. So I decided to give you a ride. I didn't realize that I had met a Falun Gong practitioner. What you said sounds very reasonable. I'll keep your words in mind and protect these valuable materials." Then he helped me take my luggage out of his car and we said our good-byes.

While standing in the intersection, I realized that saving sentient beings is Dafa disciples' sacred mission that is granted to us by our Teacher. No matter the circumstance, we should always put saving sentient beings first instead of our own choices based on our assumptions. Watching the car drive away, I carried the bag on my back and continued my trip with my son.