(Clearwisdom.net) As a result of clarifying the facts to the public, 6 people have recently started to practice Falun Gong in our area. By studying and practicing the exercises, all of them have enjoyed various beneficial changes in health. The following are two examples:

Example 1 --

A 51-year-old lady was suffering from 6 different illnesses. She was suffering from heart problems, hypertension, stomach trouble, leg pains, and blood vessel problems in the brain, accompanied by headaches, for more than 10 years and had difficulty in keeping her eyes open. She was dependant on various medications. She could not pick up her leg while walking did not dare to eat fruit. Every day, she felt physically terrible and mentally down. Then, she started to study Dafa and do the Falun Gong exercises. In less than three months, she was free from illness and became a cheerful person.

At the beginning, her husband was opposed to her practicing Dafa for fear that she would be arrested (as Falun Gong is still being persecuted in China). So, she had to do it behind his back. Then, her husband, seeing such a tremendous change in her physical condition, became supportive. She reads two lectures of Zhuan Falun every day. She keeps telling people of miraculous changes in her body caused by Dafa. She said that when she visits her hometown during the Chinese New Year, she will tell all her relatives to learn Falun Dafa.

Example 2 --

An elderly man over 60 years old could not take care of himself after suffering a stroke. With some doubt, he began practicing Falun Dafa. He had seen that a senior citizen practicing Falun Dafa living in the same apartment complex had an extremely healthy body, even though the TV kept slandering Dafa. He borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun to read, and attained the Fa. After less than 6 months of cultivation practice, he threw away his walking stick and could easily take care of himself on a day-to-day basis.

I will not go into each and every example. But the conclusion is: Due to further clarification of the facts of Falun Gong, more and more people are being awakened to the facts joining in to practice Dafa.