(Clearwisdom.net) The malicious persecution towards Falun Dafa has now lasted for over 4 years. Along with the progress of Fa-rectification, we, Dafa practitioners, have become more mature and clear-headed each day. The meaning of existence for Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples is to assimilate the Fa (the Law of Universe) unconditionally, and to totally deny the arrangement by the old force from the highest level to the lowest level of human society. I've enlightened to the fact: to totally deny the old force's arrangement is to not only say it, but we must also do it in our everyday lives. Total denial of the old force's arrangement is achieved naturally when our cultivation status reaches a higher level. That is the manifestation of righteous thoughts and our behavior is coming from a clear understanding of the Fa. Of course, there is the help and strengthening power from Teacher.

I still remember the time I was caught in October of 1999 when appealing in Beijing. The policeman asked me, when filling out the paperwork, "If the government outlaws or bans Falun Dafa, would you still practice?" I replied, "Yes, I would still practice."

At that time I thought I wasn't afraid of anything. I would practice Falun Dafa no matter whether I lived or died. But now I look back and have found that had we clearly understood from Fa's point of view and totally denied it, Falun Gong wouldn't have been banned. Falun Dafa teaches people to be good and focus on virtue. There's nothing wrong with living by the standards of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. It's because we believe in these standards that we practice Falun Gong. Furthermore, it is stipulated clearly in the Chinese Constitution that people have the right to believe, and it is protected by law. We just exercise our own rights under the law.

The manifestation of the Fa at the lowest level of the universe is the human society. In 2000, I enlightened to the idea that we should use the law to prove the persecution towards Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin and his cohorts is wrong, and that accordingly, it is important to help people all over the world understand the truth about Falun Dafa. Isn't this a way to safeguard the Fa?

So I paid a visit to a policeman and asked him, "Since you are a policeman, you must understand the law. Could you tell me, in what part of the law did Jiang Zemin base his decision to suppress Falun Gong in this way?" The policeman couldn't answer my question.

The more Teacher lectures, the more clearly we understand there will be not a single life or element able to escape this Fa-rectification and as we enter into the future. That is to say all of us are among those to be saved. How is it possible for those to be saved to choose the way to be saved? How could an ordinary people know what the future is like? All we can do is to follow faithfully and unconditionally the arrangement made by Teacher, and to consummate the missions Teacher wants us to complete. This is our righteous enlightenment and great compassion.

We need to deny the old force arrangement to escape being bound by the old universe. This way we will enter into the future. Teacher used his unlimited wisdom to recreate the cosmos for all living beings.

Based on this understanding, I'd like to suggest to fellow practitioners who are still in jail that you write appeals. Everybody take a pen and write down the facts about the persecution you face. Let's use the law in human society to tell people the facts of this persecution, to go against unlawful detention, labor re-education, unlawful sentences and brainwashing.

Let's not be afraid to appeal. Remember, our goal is definite and clear. We are to completely deny the old force arrangements. As long as we have a pure heart to safeguard Dafa, we can strengthen the one-body.

Hurry up and let's take action. Let's not be confused by the illusion of human society and passively endure these forms of mistreatment. Do not expect Teacher to do this for us, because Teacher has already used his wisdom to create the most wonderful and magnificent future for us.