(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province have followed the Fa-rectification process very closely. Through their firm belief in Dafa and Teacher, they have formed an indestructible body, and created a very good Fa-rectification environment.

1) Unshakable Belief

One village in Shuangcheng area has over 20 Dafa practitioners. Most of them have been to Beijing to appeal. As of 2001, they resumed group practice and Fa-study, and have never stopped since. Their practice site is right at the corner of a major street, and they study the Fa together at a Dafa practitioner's home. In the harshest days of the persecution, the village head asked people to monitor the practitioners, but reminded the monitors, "Just do a head-count, and if they are all where they are supposed to be, then don't bother them. If some of them are missing, just go to the bus or railway stations to bring them back, and do it quietly."

All of the village officers know that Dafa is good, but under pressure, they felt that they had to do this.

Several times, higher-level authorities ordered the local township government to harass practitioners, but failed. The government either had no vehicles available for the purpose or could not gather enough people. When they did get vehicles and enough people, somebody would let the practitioners know before any action would take place.

The practitioners took this as a good chance to eliminate the evil behind the authorities by sending forth righteous thoughts. So practitioners sat and sent forth righteous thoughts together, carrying the same message: Eliminate the evil, let their tires explode. The result was that the officers' vehicles did indeed get flat tires, and that their plans of harassment failed several times.

The last incident involved over ten officers from the township Communist Party Committee, the police and the "610 Office," [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] going to a Dafa practitioners' home. When they entered room where the practitioners were, the practitioners simply sat there, sending forth righteous thoughts, erecting their palms in front of their chests. Seeing this scene, the officers said, "Ok, practice at home just like this! It's fine as long as you do not go to Beijing." Then, they all left. As of 2001, group Fa study and practice have been regularly going on without interruptions.

Now for a short story of children Dafa practitioners in the village:

Practitioners in the village made and hung many banners, but these were taken away by village officers. Several days later, the banners were hung again. Some children practitioners found that the village officers had put the banners in a boiler room, and so brought the banners back, and hung them up again.

2) Group Experience Sharing

It's difficult for practitioners across the countryside to read articles from the Minghui website (Clearwisdom.net) in a timely fashion. To follow the Fa-rectification process closely, Shuangcheng area Dafa practitioners have been sharing cultivation experiences frequently. The larger experience sharing events might have scores of practitioners attending, and the smaller ones have 20 or so participants. These experience sharing meetings have greatly helped cooperation among the practitioners, as well as aided in group progress. There is one town in which practitioners hold experience sharing meetings three times a week, on schedule, with practitioners from other townships coming as well.

3) Walking a 100 Li (50 km or 30 miles) a Night to Deliver Dafa Truth Materials

Some Dafa practitioner farmers in Shuangcheng city routinely went to areas in Jilin Province, where the facts about Dafa are less known, to deliver Dafa truth materials. After a full day's farm work, during the night, they would carry large quantities of Dafa truth materials, and deliver them by walking back and forth, to make a total of around 100 Li of walking per night. When they came back home shortly before 5 am, they would prepare breakfast for their families. One time, over ten Dafa practitioners did this for over ten consecutive days. It's their pure hearts that enabled them to do things in such an incredible way.

4) "Why Don't You Write on My Wall?"

Villagers in Shuangcheng City who have come to know the truth about Falun Dafa all encourage practitioners to write words clarifying the truth on their walls. Once a villager stopped a practitioner and said, "Why did you write on his wall, and not mine?" The practitioner instantly wrote, "Falun Dafa Is Good" on that villager's wall, and was thanked. Farmers who specialize in raising chickens or cattle especially like their walls to have the truth about Falun Dafa written on them. Once, when somebody came to remove the writing, the villagers would stand up to them, saying, "This is my wall. Who dares to remove it [the writing]? I invited them [the practitioners] to write this!"

So as soon as you enter the Shuangcheng City area, posters, banners and walls displaying the truth about Falun Dafa can be seen almost everywhere.

5) A Village Head Who Knows the Truth About Falun Dafa

During the persecution, one head of a village extorted a lot of money from Dafa practitioners, and offended many other villagers for various reasons. One day, his firewood stack was ignited by someone, and the firewood of his neighbor, who is a Dafa practitioner, also caught fire. The practitioner ran to extinguish his neighbor's fire first. Other practitioners also ran to the village head's fire first. The village head was so moved that he asked the practitioners, "I took so much money from you, don't you hate me?" Practitioners said, "Our Teacher told us not to hate others, and that we should always consider others first." The village head said, "You Falun Gong practitioners are really good people!"

Since then, he changed his attitude toward practitioners. When police officers planned to search practitioners' homes, he shouted with a loudspeaker, "Attention Falun Gong practitioners! Please store your Falun Dafa books and flyers safely at other people's homes. The higher-ups are going to search your homes!" When the officers came, he guided them. Of course, they could not find anything.

6) Banners on a High Tower

On New Year's Eve, several Dafa practitioners in Shuangcheng City worked together and hung a 15 meter tall banner from the top of a 60 meter broadcasting tower. On the banner was written, "Teacher, All Dafa Practitioners Wish You a Happy New Year!" The words were yellow on a red background. Two smaller banners with the words, "Falun Dafa Is Good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance Is Good" were hung at the either side of the large banner.

That same evening, practitioners hung many 8 to 10 meter-long banners in various places including towers, the tops of buildings, driveways, houses, walls, trees, etc. The content of banners included, "Bringing Jiang Zemin to Justice Around the World", as well as New Year greetings to Teacher, etc. These banners deterred those who persecute Dafa.

Ten days before New Year's Day, some practitioners proposed an intensive, high frequency period of sending forth righteous thoughts to safeguard local Fa-rectification work and the safety of Dafa practitioners. One month before the beginning of the 2003 Chinese New Year, they did similar things. The result was that not one Dafa practitioner was arrested for doing Dafa truth clarification work during the time period surrounding the 2003 Chinese New Year .

January 8, 2004