(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Chen Yaping is from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. On December 31, 2000 she was brutally beaten by Wu Hong, head of Lingfeng Street Police Station of Shuangta Police Department. Her left eye swelled up and turned dark blue. Her chest was bruised from Wu's kicks. Later, her left eye's retina became detached. Before Wu Hong violently beat Chen Yaping, he sent her husband away, while several police officers of the station stood by.

Chen Yaping is an employee of the Concrete Corporation of the Chaoyang City Cement Factory. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa on December 27, 2000, and was arrested at Tiananmen Square by the police. On the morning of December 31, 2000, between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., Chen Yaping was brought back to Lingfeng Police Station by political head Li Bo of the police station and Zhao Yunxiang, head of her work unit's security section.

Upon arriving at the station, Wu Hong slapped her face without saying a word. Chen Yaping's husband Zhang Yongfeng was present at that time. When Wu raised his hand to beat her again, the husband blocked his hand. Wu then sent an eye signal to other officers, who then made up an excuse to take the husband away.

Wu then began to savagely beat Chen Yaping, repeatedly hitting the left side of her face and her left eye with his fist. He kept hitting her while interrogating her. After hitting her numerous times, he switched to slapping her face and cursed at her with filthy and obscene language. Chen's head was pounding on the inside and she saw stars in front of her eyes. After a while, Wu said to others on the scene, "Look, my hands have swollen up. I cannot beat any anymore. I need to take a break."

After Wu took a break, he started to beat Chen again. He fiercely kicked her chest, then pulled her hair with both hands and bashed her head against a wall. He then seized her by the throat with both hands and choked her repeatedly. The pain was unbearable and Chen almost passed out. While choking her, he said, "I'll choke you to death!" The beating lasted more than an hour before he stopped. He told policeman Shao Zhimin, "Handcuff her to the bed and do not let her sleep!" Shao Zhimin, Zhang Lijun, Liu Dapeng and another young policeman were on the scene. However, they seemed to be so used to such violence that they paid no attention to Wu's brutality.

Wang Aimin, the manager of Chen Yaping's work unit and his driver Wang Yulai came to visit Chen at the police station, Wu told Wang Aimin and Wang Yulai with a smile, "Look at her eye. I did it."

Chen Yaping's left eye became swollen and dark blue in color. A big bump developed on her head and her chest was black and blue from being kicked. Wu's footprint on her chest was still visible after she was sent to Chaoyang City Detention Center on the morning of December 31, 2000.

In the detention center, Director Teng, Physician Xu and several guards witnessed Chen's miserable condition as a result of the beating. There were 17 inmates who did not practice Falun Gong. They all were shocked and felt very upset by the way she had been treated. Tian Lin, Xu Zhiyun, Sun Yuqin, Lin Mengfen and Lin Mengyan were also present and they all witnessed her condition.

Chen Yaping's left eye could not see things clearly after the swelling lessened. On January 19, 2001, at her strong request, Wu allowed her one chance for a check-up. However, Wu declared, "I still plan to beat you. I dare to do it and I am ready for the consequences."

On February 18, 2001, Supervision Section Head Xu Wande of Chaoyang City Police Department came to the detention center to talk with Falun Gong practitioners, and Chen Yaping raised her situation with him. Xu Wande said at the time, "I will talk to Wu Hong and tell him to get your eye treated." However, Wu Hong never showed up again.

During her detention, Chen Yaping was personally fined 1,600 Yuan and her work unit was fined 2,000 Yuan by the police station. From January 2001, Chen Yaping's work unit stopped paying her salary, and this continued until June 2001, lasting for exactly one and a half years.

Chen Yaping was sentenced to two years of forced labor and was sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp on February 20, 2002. As the wound on her left eye was too serious, two months after she was transferred to the Masanjia Labor Camp, in late April, the labor camp took her to Shenyang Medical University for examination. The final results showed that the retina of her eye had detached due to the violent blows to the head she suffered. The Masanjia Labor Camp authorities did not want to take any responsibility for this incident and released Chen Yaping a few days later. They extorted one thousand Yuan from her family and gave them a receipt that did not indicate the amount. A few days after her release, Chen Yaping had surgery and spent five thousand Yuan, all of which came from her own pocket.

Seeking justice, Chen Yaping began her difficult journey of appeal in July 2002. She went to Shuangta District Police Department, the Political and Judiciary Committee, Procuratorate, Courts, People's Congress, and even to Chaoyang City Police Department, hoping that the governmental departments could learn the truth and uphold justice. However, one and a half years have passed, and there is still no result.

In today's China, there are hundreds and thousands of Falun Gong practitioners like Chen Yaping who have suffered the same kind of brutal persecution and who have nowhere to report or appeal.

Note: Perpetrator Wu Hong lives in the police residential compound. He is in his 40's, with fair skin, of medium height, and often has a smile on his face. He would often have a smile on his face while beating people. He was recently transferred to Guanming Street Police Station in Shuangta District as a police station head. His wife Du Wei works at the appraisal center of Shuangta District Court.

Wu Hong's phone numbers are:

86-13942101700 (cell)
86-421-2673151 (home)