(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners all have supernormal abilities. However, because we are in this special and historic period of Fa-rectification, and for other reasons, our supernormal abilities are oftentimes not allowed to be used in this dimension. This creates a myth regarding the issue of supernormal abilities.

Pursuing supernormal abilities is being attached to the myth, while avoiding the issue of supernormal abilities is also being attached to the myth. Both are reflections of not studying the Fa in depth and not letting go of the human mentality.

Practitioners who pursue supernormal abilities generally have not truly comprehended the Fa. They therefore are not solidly grounded in the righteous principles of the Fa and mistakenly regard supernormal abilities as an indicator of one's cultivation level. In fact, Dafa cultivation differs from other Qigong practices that aim at curing diseases and keeping fit; it is genuine cultivation. Thus, since the beginning of their cultivation, practitioners already have developed many supernormal abilities which everyday people regard as miraculous. However, during the process of cultivation, those supernormal abilities are not allowed to be shown and used. It is especially so for those with great supernormal abilities. These abilities cannot be used in this dimension. Teacher has clearly addressed these issues in Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advacement. Being attached to one's own supernormal abilities and coveting others' supernormal abilities are reflections of poor enlightenment quality, a superficial understanding of the Fa and not having a firm belief in the Fa and Teacher.

On the other hand, since Dafa clearly teaches practitioners not to develop an attachment toward supernormal abilities, many practitioners then went to the other extreme and avoided using supernormal abilities or even disbelieving in the grand effects resulting from the use of one's own supernormal abilities. Since Teacher bestowed upon us the formula of Fa-rectification and taught us to send forth righteous thought, insufficient understandings of the Fa concerning these issues have been reflected on the surface. The behavior of practitioners illegally imprisoned in China have also shown this issue prominently.

At present, in the forced labor camps and jails in Mainland China, many practitioners who have been held for a long period of time actually didn't give in to the evil, and therefore the evil police do not dare to release them. These practitioners lost their personal freedom and have endured tremendous suffering in the evil environment, and in their hearts they always think that they are absolutely determined. However, how could Dafa practitioners be held for such a long time? The reason indeed is quite complex, but in my view, insufficient understanding concerning righteous thoughts and supernormal abilities are the main reasons. Here I want to share my personal understanding on this issue .

In the past several months, while reading the numerous stories of practitioners in China on Clearwisdom.net, I saw that the evil is really becoming even more evil as it is getting closer to the end. It is just like Teacher said, when the remaining evil elements become fewer and fewer after being eliminated in a large quantity, the evil is showing its evilness even more in order to compensate for its lack of numbers. Each of these persecution cases are extremely horrifying. I also saw that the evil was truly exploiting the gaps in practitioners' xinxing [mind or heart nature, moral character]. In order to completely bring this evil persecution to an end, it is very crucial that the xinxing of each Dafa disciple be upgraded comprehensively, including their understanding of supernormal abilities.

I enlightened to the following: for many practitioners who have been detained in China for a long time and are enduring the huge suffering, while they are upholding their firm belief in Teacher and the principles they have enlightened to, they also have disbelief in Teacher and in the principles they have yet to enlighten to. Actually, at the critical moment of facing the evil tribulations, whether one deals with the tribulations from the perspective of a practitioner or an everyday person has significant manifestations in other dimensions.

Since April 2001, Teacher has published several articles including "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," "What Are Supernormal Abilities," and "The Effect of Righteous Thoughts" that provide essential guidance to practitioners under persecution in China. From reading numerous articles of persecution cases and cases of righteously walking out of the evil's den published on Clearwisdom.net, we can see that for detained practitioners, if they can steadily send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and the persecution, they can regain their freedom sooner (within several hours or a few days). However, for other detained practitioners who mainly adopted approaches of not submitting to the evil, such as holding hunger strikes and enduring the forced labor, they did not massively send forth righteous thoughts and use supernormal abilities to eliminate the evil within their own fields and in their environment. They also did not use supernormal abilities to let the evil people who persecuted Dafa disciples receive immediate retribution. In other words, they did not regard the Fa that Teacher taught us in these situations as the most important and direct (the methods that only Dafa disciples are qualified and able to use).

Some practitioners have sent forth righteous thoughts, but they did not firmly believe they would work. They were using one aspect of Teacher's Fa as an excuse to avoid accepting other aspects of Teacher's Fa. Thus, the evil people can exploit these gaps to interfere with these practitioners. So when these practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, the evil police either interfered with them or directly stopped them.

These practitioners then gave in and stopped using the most powerful supernormal abilities that Teacher has bestowed upon us at this moment. What a pity!

"If I can understand, I will believe and if I cannot understand now, I will not believe and will not do it." This is a manifestation of poor enlightenment and disbelief. In many circumstances, the evil exploits precisely this gap of "disbelief."

Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners should not stay in the evil forced labor camps and jails, because there are so many tasks waiting to be accomplished on the outside in validating Dafa and offering salvation to all sentient beings. Dafa practitioners should and are able to righteously walk out of the evil's den. Teacher advised all Dafa practitioners,

"You may have seen recently that, through Dafa disciples' constant efforts, through clarifying the facts, and by way of sending righteous thoughts, studying the Fa, and cultivating yourselves, you have caused significant changes in the state of things before the entire, enormous force of Fa-rectification arrives. The evil beings in different dimensions are indeed very few now. So they're not able to form persecution and interference on a large scale anymore. But, as long as they still exist, they're going to interfere with students in places where there's inadequate understanding and attachments in the mind. Don't let them take advantage of the gaps in your xinxing anymore." ("Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference")

If we, especially the practitioners illegally detained in Mainland China, can make further advancement in regards to supernormal abilities, sending forth righteous thoughts, understanding of righteous thoughts and, having steadfast belief in Teacher and Teacher's Fa, the entire environment will become more and more positive.