(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Yaokun, 43 years old, is a Dafa practitioner from Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province who was put in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp and maliciously tortured. Policewoman Zhou Jiahui was very angry that Liu Yaokun told the city officials the truth about the labor camp when they came twice for investigations. Ever since then, the labor camp authorities have retaliated fiercely against Ms. Liu Yaokun. A group of police officers acted together and savagely beat her up.

The division leader He Qiang was extremely cruel to Falun Gong practitioners and personally beat Ms. Liu Yaokun. In the middle of January 2004, Ms. Liu Yaokun got up a little slower because her legs were badly injured and she could not walk easily. Just for that, policewoman Zhou Jiahui used both her fists to beat her up and kicked her. She then dragged Ms. Liu Yaokun into a small room and beat her even more cruelly. Ms. Liu's face was unrecognizable when she was dragged back. She could not eat anything thereafter, and the torture left her unable to look after her own daily needs.

On Feb. 3rd, she was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment and was fed through her nose. The tube to her stomach was not taken out until her pulse became irregular and her situation was life threatening. Three inches of the tube was bloody when it was pulled out. The police did not inform the family members even though the situation was this severe. The labor camp did not want to pay for the hospital cost, and ignoring the risk, they took Ms. Liu Yaokun, whose life in danger, out of the hospital in a few days. No information on Ms. Liu's condition has been available since she was transferred out of the hospital. Nobody knows if she is still alive. Nobody in the camp has seen her since.

Jiamusi City Judiciary Bureau Examination Office at the labor camp

Wang Hongming, 86-454-8891953
Clinic, Zheng Liyan, 86-454-8891943
Discipline and Inspection Committee, Liu Yingzi, 86-454-8891934
Labor Camp Office, Xu Guiying, 86-454-8891937
Political Division, Bai Jinfeng, 86-454-8891935
Administrative Section, Xu Hengji, 86-454-8891940
Division head, He Qiang, 86-454-8682333 (home); 86-454-8891638 (office)
Female Team, 86-454-8891924
Labor Camp Chief Office, Jiang Zuoqi, 86-454-8891958
Labor Camp Political Head, Fu Maosen, 86-454-8891890
Deputy Labor Camp Heads
Guan Dejun, 86-454-8891948
Yao Debin, 86-454-8891931
Sun Dehong, 86-454-8891932
Xu Lifeng, 86-454-8891933