Below are some accounts of persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners by the following government offices in the Dandong area: the Political Laws Committee, the "610 Office"(1), police departments, detention centers, police stations, courts, the Procuratorate and other judicial systems.

Two Dandong City Falun Dafa Practitioners Die from Persecution:

Mr. Liu Ming, 28, a Textile Manufacturing Plant Employee

Mr. Wang Xidong, 25, a Television Manufacturing Plant Employee

On July 22, 1999, Mr. Liu and Mr. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and were arrested by policemen from the Dandong City Police Department. They were subsequently taken to the Zhenxing District Fucun Police Station where they were severely beaten by the Chief of Police and other policemen. At the time, more than a dozen Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested, among whom Mr. Liu Ming and Tang Yiqing were the most severely beaten. While the chief was in a thundering rage, a glass frame displaying the words "responsibility of a chief" fell from the wall to the floor, shattering the glass, and leaving the police chief looking stunned. Nevertheless, he still would not listen to practitioners' clarification of the truth about the persecution. Instead, he forced them to read the notice regarding Falun Gong's status of being banned. About that time, the chair in which he had been sitting suddenly fell over and broke, and he tumbled to the floor. He found himself unable to get up and the expression on the chief's face had changed to one of shock. Afterwards, he no longer scorned or beat practitioners, but instead, asked them for the book Zhuan Falun.

In August 1999, Liu Ming and other practitioners were arrested for a second time when they again went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Policemen from the Dandong City Police Department and the Zhenxing District Police Branch Department, along with Liu Yanan, an instructor from the Fucun Village Police Station, went to Beijing and extradited Liu Ming and other Falun Dafa practitioners back to Dandong City. It was midnight when they passed Zhuanghe City in the Dalian area. Liu Ming and other practitioners decided to jump from the vehicle in order to return to Beijing and complete their appeal for Falun Gong. The practitioners who jumped from the car were Mr. Liu Ming, Mr. Wang Xidong, Ms. Liu Jing, Ms. Wang Xuejie and Ms. Wang Xuemei, who was severely injured in the jump. Liu Jing and Wang Xuejie were also severely injured and rendered unconscious. The policemen in the car said that Liu Ming had died on the spot due to the jump and that Wang Xidong had been sent to a hospital but died because the hospital had been unable to resuscitate him. Consequently, Instructor Liu Yanan was penalized for what happened, but he felt the penalty was unjustified. He said that Liu Ming and Wang Xidong didn't die from jumping from the car, but rather, were beaten to death. This case is still under investigation.

Ms. Wang Xuemei, a Nurse at Dandong Hospital for Women and Children

In August 1999, Ms. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. While being extradited back home, she jumped from a car because she wanted to return to Beijing and continue with her appeal. As a result she was severely injured and sent back to her work unit for treatment. As soon as her condition improved, she was taken to a mental hospital for further detention and persecution, and her hands and feet were handcuffed and shackled for long periods of time. This caused her great pain because her joints had become so stiff. In addition, they also force-fed her some unhealthy and unknown substances. After a few months, she began a hunger strike to protest the inhumane persecution. Because the mental hospital was afraid to take responsibility when her condition became critical, they notified Ms. Wang's work unit to pick her up. The police were also afraid to take responsibility for her, so they sent Ms. Wang home. Later, her work unit illegally terminated her. In August 2002, she was secretly arrested by police from the Dandong City 1st Precinct Station, where she was subsequently tortured to the point of being unable to walk. Nevertheless, the Dandong "610 Office" and the court sentenced Ms. Wang to three years in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Because Ms. Wang could not walk, several policemen dragged her into the police car, but she was even more cruelly persecuted at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for remaining steadfast in Falun Dafa. She was locked up in a small cell(2) for intensive monitoring and "discipline," where policemen and perpetrators cruelly tortured her. She was denied any visitation from her family.

Mr. Lu Huizhong, 38, an Employee of the First Department Store in Dandong City

In August 2000, Dandong City 1st Precinct Police arrested Lu Huizhong while he was on the job with his work unit. He died the next day from the cruel torture inflicted upon him by the policemen.

Lu Huizhong's head and face were blue and purple from bruising. The rest of his body was covered with bruises and other wounds. His family requested an autopsy, but the police wouldn't allow it, so they took his case to the appropriate government agencies, but no one would investigate their case. Receiving no response from any government agency, Lu's wife, who was not a Falun Dafa practitioner, took their daughter with her and and made offerings to her husband by burning paper money for the dead in front of the 1st Precinct Station. She also told passers-by the truth about how Lu Huizhong had been beaten to death. Some of them burst into tears upon hearing her story. Even some people in the 1st Precinct Station who still had a conscience, privately shed tears of sympathy and guilt for Lu Huizhong's wife and daughter.

Ms. Gao Yulan, an Employee of the Dandong Silk Fabrics Manufacturing Plant

On October 15, 2000, Dandong City 1st Precinct Police Chief Cao Yujia and Deputy Chief Yu Deqing led a gang of policemen to ransack her home and take her to the 1st Precinct Station, where she was interrogated under torture for five days and nights before being sent to a detention center. She was subsequently sentenced to five years at Dabei Prison in Shenyang City, where she was further persecuted. She has since been transferred to the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Mr. Tang Yiqing, Employee of a Manufacturing Facility within Fucun School, in the Zhenxing District of Dandong City

After going to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong on July 22, 1999, Mr. Tang was arrested by officers from the Fuzhen Police Station, where he was illegally detained and violently beaten several times. On July 13, 2002, a policeman from the Dandong 1st Precinct Station tricked Mr. Tang into leaving his home by calling him and claiming to need TV repairs, after which he went missing. After his family made many efforts to locate him, they learned that he had been conned by the police into detention, and without any legal procedure had been illegally sentenced to four years in Shenyang Dongling Prison.

Mr. Tang Shiyu, 15, a Fucun Elementary School Student

Tang Xhiyu had had heart disease ever since he was very young. In 1995, a hospital's medical prognosis was that he had only six months to live. Tang Xhiyu began practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Through practicing the exercises and studying the Fa, he gradually got better. He did so well that he was able to attend school, where he excelled. In 1999, when the persecution against Falun Dafa and practitioners began, Tang Shiyu, his father, Tang Yiqing and mother stepped forward to validate Dafa. Dandong 1st Precinct Station policemen took his mother away while she was working at the school. She was later sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years. Due to the arrest and sentencing of his parents, the young Mr. Tang suffered overwhelming emotional stress and pain, eventually resulting in a flare up of the previous heart disease that ultimately led to his death.

Ms. Pan Jing, a Dandong Television Manufacturing Plant Employee

After being arrested for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, Ms. Pan was extradited back to Dandong City. The policemen from the Yongchang Police Station deceived her family into sending her to a mental hospital, where she was persecuted. They strapped her hands and feet to a bed and brutally force-fed her with drugs.

In 2002, she was arrested for explaining the facts of the persecution against Falun Gong to people around her. The policemen in the 1st Precinct Station tortured her during interrogation. She was deprived of sleep for ten days and hung up(3) for three days, which took a heavy toll on her health. The policemen wouldn't let her down so she could use a restroom or clean herself when she was menstruating, so she could only discharge the menstrual flow on herself and all over the floor while hung up. Because of such lengthy and unimaginably inhumane treatment, she became emaciated and very weak. When she fainted in a restroom, a prison doctor examined her and found that her blood pressure had spiked as high as 200 (kPa)(4) while her pulse was very weak. When she got to the point where she was barely breathing, the police were finally willing to send her home on medical parole because they were afraid of bearing the responsibility for her death. In September 2002, 1st Precinct Police again arrested her and sent her to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for three years. The Masanjia police cruelly tortured her for remaining steadfast in the cultivation of Dafa. As a result, both of her legs are now crippled.

Mr. An Lixin, a Beijing Armored Infantry School Graduate and Teacher at Dalian Army School

Mr. An went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was subsequently fired from his position at the Dalian Army School. After returning to his hometown of Dandong City in September 2002, Dandong police arrested him. He is currently detained at Fushun Prison.

Mr. Hu Zhiqiang, Instructor in an Air Force 2nd Division Unit at Dandong City

After Mr. Hu was fired from his post for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, his family was eventually torn apart. To make a living, he opened an Internet cafe, but was under constant surveillance and harassment by police from the "610 Office" and the local police department. In November 2002, police from these two offices arrested him and later sentenced him to two years in Benxi City Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Yu Xiangli, Engineer at a Dandong City Television Manufacturing Plant

On October 31, 1999, Dandong City practitioners validated Dafa by openly holding group practice. As a result, Ms. Yu was arrested by the police and taken to the Dandong Detention Center where she was eventually forced to give up her belief. Ms. Yu solemnly and righteously explained to the police that she had not violated any laws. When she also protested the unreasonable persecution, the policemen beat her so severely that she lost consciousness. Then they said that she was just putting on an act and "playing dead." As soon as she regained consciousness, they resumed severely beating her and she again lost conscious. On July 8, 2002, Cao Yujia and Yu Deqing, from the 1st Precinct Station, led a gang of policemen to arrest Ms. Yu. After being tortured during interrogation, she was sentenced to four years in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Sheng Lixia, a Tax Bureau Employee in Dandong City

In May 2002, Ms. Sheng was forced to attend a brainwashing class held by the Dandong "610 Office." Because she remained steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa, the policemen shocked her with electric batons, resulting in severe burns around the head and other areas of her body. She could not move her arms freely because they were so mangled. In September 2002, not long after she returned home from the brainwashing class, policemen from the 1st Precinct Station and the "610 Office" again arrested her. She is currently detained at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Liu Mei, Employee of the Paper Boxes for Aquatic Products Plant in Donggang City (a County-level City within Dandong City)

At around 5:00 p.m. on April 9, 2002, after Ms Liu had just returned home from work, Wang Runlong, from the Political Security Office in the Dandong City Police Department, led a dozen policemen to enter and ransack her home. They held Ms. Liu in the Donggang Detention Center. (Wan Runlong was formerly the police chief at Hegou Village Police Station in Donggang City, where he was promoted for his diligent efforts in persecuting Falun Gong, and then transferred to the Dandong City Political Security Office.) Two days later, she was being transported to the Dandong Detention Center, standing in shackles that kept her from maintaining a stable position in the vehicle. It was a very bumpy ride because the car was going too fast and there were no safety handles to hold. Ms. Liu suddenly had a bout of motion sickness and vomited. Soon afterwards, she passed out and was injured in the fall. At the Dandong Detention Center, Ms. Liu was inhumanely tortured, which dramatically weakened her body so much that she contracted tuberculosis. The policemen in the detention center did not allow her family to visit her. Ms. Liu's mother, who was in her seventies, went to visit her six or seven times but was never allowed to see her. On November 4, 2002, the Dandong "610 Office" collaborated with the court to illegally sentence Liu Mei to thirteen years in Shenyang Dabei Prison.

Mr. Zhu Changming, a College Graduate and Security Guard at a Manufacturing Plant

On April 9, 2002, Wang Runlong, of the Political Security Office in the Donggang City Police Department, led a dozen policemen to ransack Zhu Changming's home. They arrested Mr. Zhu and took him to the Donggang City Detention Center, where they tortured him during interrogation, handcuffed him and hung him up for six days. On May 20, Mr. Zhu was illegally sentenced to thirteen years in Shenyang City's Dabei Prison.

Ms. Song Guixiang, in Her Forties, a Yuanbao District Resident, in Dandong City

After July 20, 1999, Ms. Song went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested by the Beijing police. Policemen from Dandong City extradited her back to Dandong and detained her in the Dandong City Detention Center where they brutally persecuted her. The detention center director, Xie Zhiying, made Ms. Song wear a large rectangular shaped steel plate weighing several dozen kilograms [over 100 lbs.]. Then Xie dragged Ms. Song out to put her on display so she would be humiliated. Two iron chains were hooked to the lower end of the steel plate, each of which had an iron ring at the other end. The policemen put Ms. Song's ankles in the two rings and asked her to drag them along as she walked. Two policemen stood at each side of her and held her arms to force her to walk forward. They would beat her if she stopped walking. Not long afterwards, the skin and tissue of her ankles had torn opened and the rings had cut deeply into her raw ankles, which were bleeding all over the floor. After putting her on display and making her walk around the prison, they shackled Ms. Song's hands and feet together for six days. This cruel and painful torture caused Ms. Song's joints to stiffen and her whole body became numb. Because her hands and feet had been locked in a fixed position for such a long time, Ms. Song's wounds on her feet became infected and eventually left huge scars.

In November 1999, Ms. Song was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, where she continued to remain steadfast in her belief in Falun Dafa. The torture and persecution didn't shake her belief in Falun Gong's principle of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. Two years later, on October 20, 2001, she openly returned home with dignity from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, a notoriously brutal labor camp. Unfortunately, on November 20, 2001, after having been home for only twenty nine days, policemen from the Dandong City "610 Office" and Dandong Police Department again arrested her and took her to a detention center. Because Ms. Song was very determined, she practiced the Falun Gong exercises in the detention center, a situation that culminated in her severe beating and torture at the hands of the detention center director, Xie Zhiying and other policemen. Xie Zhiying constructed a special device designed just for torturing Ms. Song. The device made Ms. Song's hands and feet remain immobile in handcuffs and shackles so the policemen could freely scorn, beat and torture her.

In December 2001, Ms Song was again sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp where she received even more severe persecution for remaining steadfast in cultivating Falun Dafa. The policemen pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed them to a bed or a heating pipe for long periods of time. She had no choice but to eliminate in her pants, so she was constantly sitting in her own urine and feces. One cannot imagine the suffering she endured from sitting on the icy cold floor while soaked in urine and feces. The policemen sometimes cuffed her to her bed for long periods of time, so she had to eliminate in her pants and on the bed. To prevent her from practicing the exercises, they also cuffed both her hands behind her back and tied them to her feet for several days, causing excruciating pain. Because Ms. Song held a hunger strike to protest the inhumane torture, the policemen force-fed her with garlic powder and salt water to deliberately cause the already painful force-feeding to become even more painful.

Other practitioners who remained steadfast in Dafa were force-fed with pepper-water. Some were force-fed with two basins of half cooked corn meal, which expanded in their stomachs, bloating them to the point that the practitioners could not move. The policemen also created some signs with words that were disrespectful to Teacher, and made the practitioners wear them hanging on their bodies. The practitioners could not stand the policemen blaspheming their great Teacher, so they shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The policemen then bound, gagged, then brutally beat them. The police in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp made a special steel chair device(5) to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Whenever a practitioner was sent in for intensive discipline, the policemen would cuff the practitioner to the chair. There were two rings on the back of the iron chair. The policemen cuffed a Dafa practitioner's arms to the back of the chair and shackled her legs to the chair legs. A steel plate was placed on the practitioner's chest. After being put on the chair like that, the practitioner was completely immobilized . Practitioners' hands and feet developed blisters in the winter. Steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners were tortured in this chair for long periods of time. Ms. Song was tortured to the point that she could hardly breathe. Policemen called Ms. Song's family in the middle of the night to bring money in exchange for her because they feared she might soon die in the forced labor camp. After Ms. Song's family paid the 7,000 yuan(6) "deposit," the policemen let Ms. Song go. Because she had been cruelly tortured for long periods of time and had been forced to sit on the concrete floor, soaked in urine and feces for extended periods, her health was severely impacted. While she was still in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, she had already lost the ability to move her legs.

These are some of the persecution accounts of Dandong area Falun Dafa practitioners that we were able to investigate and validate. Actually, the suffering and pain endured by persecuted practitioners cannot be adequately described in words. Other known persecution cases of Falun Dafa practitioners are unable to be validated at this time. What we are exposing here is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Some organizations and individuals in Dandong City that have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners:

Some organizations and individuals in Dandong City that have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners:
Country code 86; City code 415
Dandong City Mayor Jiang Zuoyong: 2139028, 2126041
Deputy Mayor Chen Mingyue: 2126903, 2123734
Chief of the Dandong City Police Department, Lin Lubo: 2125655 (operator)
Chief of the Dandong City 1st Precinct Station, Li Xueyi: 2103279
Dandong City 1st Precinct Station Deputy Chief Cao Yujia: 2103282
Dandong City 1st Precinct Station Deputy Chief Yu Deqing: 3153837
Secretary of the Dandong City Political Laws Committee, Wang Yizhi: 2164000, 2125851 (W), 2127550 (Fax)
Deputy Secretary of the Dandong City Political Laws Committee, Wu Huiming and Liu Wenbo: 2123536
Main supervisors of the Dandong City "610 Office," Gao Ping and Zeng Wu: 2853955 (H)
Policemen of the 1st Precinct: Yu Guoqing, Sun Chengwei, Sun Honglie, Chen Zhengkai
The Dandong City Detention Center: Xie Zhiying (former director); current director, Guan Shihong
The Detention Center general number: 6134004
Policemen and goons in the Detention Center: Ma Guangbo, Wang Chunmei (currently transferred to another detention center)
Dandong City Forced Labor Camp Director Sun Shuke: 4142335
Dandong City Forced Labor Camp Policemen: Hu Daming, Sun Diancheng, Liao Ping, Hu Bin
Chief of the Dandong City Zhen Xing District Police Station, Yan Jinxiu: 3148301
Chief of the Dandong City Qidao Police Station, Dai Xingguo: 2183567
Director of the Dandong City Radio and TV Bureau, Guo Liansheng: 3142781