February 11, 2004

(Clearwisdom.net) There is a female practitioner in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province whose husband and son do not practice Falun Dafa. After July 20th, 1999, due to the deceit and propaganda of the Jiang regime, as well as her being sentenced to forced labor, her family members had much hatred against Dafa, which was reflected in their daily lives. In particular, her son, who was fully-grown, made trouble for her all the time. Sometimes her husband and son even beat her, and once she was almost strangled when her son clutched her neck.

She knew the reason her husband and son treated her like this was that they were poisoned by the wicked media, and regarded Dafa practitioners as people who committed murder and suicide. They also were afraid that one day she might kill them, so they tried many ways to force her to give up the practice, including beating her up.

Through looking inward and sharing with fellow practitioners, she understood that only by helping them learn the truth could the situation be changed. Since then, whenever her husband and son made trouble for her, she tried her best to overcome the difficulties, help them see the compassion and beauty of Dafa practitioners, and break through Jiang's lies with real-life displays of goodness. Meanwhile, she paid much attention to sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements in other dimensions which manipulated them. After a period of time, the attitude of the husband and son changed a lot. She also helped them to read the truth-clarifying materials, and finally, they got to know the facts: they had been deceived! Since then they no longer attempted to stop her practice. In particular, her son not only no longer behaves as in the past, but also actively protects her.

Once, Jiang's followers in her residential area brought a group of collaborators [former practitioners who have turned against Falun Dafa due to brainwashing and torture] from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to attempt to force her to give up her beliefs. They stayed for three days, living and taking meals at her home. Her son found out about this after coming home and scolded them loudly. Seeing his attitude, none of the collaborators dared to say anything, but left quietly and quickly.

On another occasion, the corrupt officials in her residential area brought a group of policemen to her home, attempting to force her to go to the brainwashing class, and searching for Dafa books and materials. When the son learned that the books and materials had just been moved behind the radiator, he brought a chair and sat in front of the radiator and shouted to the police, "My mother is a good person! She did not commit any crime, how dare you come to search our home? You once illegally detained her, and I didn't come to talk to you, because at that time I also believed those rumors. Now you've come to make trouble again. I tell you, no one can take my mother away! Now I've gotten to know what the truth of Falun Gong is about." Seeing this, all the policemen were silent. They left and since then have not come to her home again.