(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Ren Suying. I live at the Group Three, Jianchangying Town, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. On July 24, 1999 twelve practitioners including myself were doing outdoor group exercises. The director of the Jiangchangying Town Police Station, Wang Jianfeng, and his assistant Xiao Lian led seven or eight people who attempted to stop our practice. They took us to the Jiangchangying Town Police Station. Later we were transferred to the Pingzhuang Detention Center in Yuanbaoshan District and were detained fifteen days there. After we were finally released, the detention center extorted 150 Yuan* from my family for room and board. To this day, they still repeatedly harass me. One time they took away a tape recorder from my home. In 1999, when they came for the second time, they took Teacher's video lecture and a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. Several days after we were released, they once again arrested us and forced us to attend a seven-day brainwashing class in the Jiangchangying cinema. After we were released, they continued to harass us frequently.

One day in June of 2000 Wang Jianfeng and many others broke into my home and threatened me, "We have new orders from Jiang. We thought everything was ok after holding the brainwashing class. But we have received orders via telephone from above that we must detain you until you are transformed." We then were once again detained in the roofless detention center. We were locked up individually and forced to stand day and night for five days straight without sleep. After this torture my legs and feet were so swollen and deformed that I could not wear shoes. We were detained for fifteen days and forced to pay 75 Yuan. In September, while passing out Teacher's articles I was reported to police. I was again taken to the Pingzhuang Detention Center. During the detention, I insisted on doing the exercises. As a result, I was forced to kneel down and squat, while handcuffed and shackled every day. Having been detained twenty-two days, I was released only after paying 1,000 Yuan. In December, on our way to Beijing to appeal, we were arrested by police in the Reshui area. Three of us were locked up in a room. I refused to tell them where we were from. They then slapped me repeatedly and punched me in the face until my cheeks became swollen and bloody. Seeing that I still would not give in, they said: "She obviously will not give in." They then tried to force me to curse at a picture of Teacher. They beat me with wooden clubs until they shattered two of them. They said to me, "We have orders from Jiang Zemin -- it is not a crime to kill Falun Gong practitioners." They then kicked me for a long time until there were welts covering my whole body. My legs were severely injured and I had difficulty walking. Another practitioner could not withstand the torture and told them his address. The deputy director of the Reshui Police Department, Yang (home phone number: 86-476-3519099) then sent us to a local detention center. We insisted on reciting Zhuan Falun and practicing the exercises every day. Police often forced us to kneel down with our arms against the wall. One time, during an extremely cold winter day, because we did the exercises, director Zhang Haiqing kicked us out of the cell one by one and forced us to crawl along the wall of detention center with all of the inmates watching. One could only come in if he claimed that he would give up practicing Falun Gong. Three of us were forced to crawl outdoors until our knees and toes were injured and our hands were numb. Some practitioners' nails fell off as a result of the extremely cold temperatures. Their hands were bleeding and the blood left a trail on the floor as they crawled.

In January 2001 more than twenty practitioners wrote an appeal letter. They were investigated and detained in the same detention center where I was being held. Police forced them to run along the wall of the detention center barefoot. Inmates frequently poured cold water on them. As a result, many practitioners' feet quickly became frozen and blistered. Blood and pus oozed out from their feet. After being detained there for three months, I was transferred to the Chifeng City Detention Center in March 2001, where I still insisted on doing the exercises. To prevent me from doing the exercises, the wardens shackled and handcuffed me to the heating pipes. They also searched my cell and torn open my quilt and bedding. A warden with family name of Wang took away 700 Yuan and Teacher's articles during the search. She said to me: "Ever since you came here, you have done nothing but make a mess." She then slapped me on the face. She said that to influence the other practitioners handcuffed in the hallway. Ten days later, I was sent to the Tumuji Female Labor Camp in Xing'anmeng, Inner Mongolia. They body-searched me as soon as I got there. I was assigned to the strictly monitored division, under the direction of the main division. On Teacher's birthday, we went on a hunger strike to protest the torture. Police officer Wang Guirong slapped me many times until my face became bruised and swollen. I was later assigned to the "first team." Yin Guijuan was the most vicious person there. She shocked me on my face and neck with an electric baton. She inserted the electric baton into my mouth to shock me. One time we went on a hunger strike and work strike to protest, the vicious police dragged us out. Yin Guijuan pulled my hair and pinched my hands. On the third day of the hunger strike, the police started torturing us; Yin Guijuan, Huang Ailing and the director Li beat us up. They pulled Li Yumei's hair and shocked her until she was covered with blisters. Yin Guijuan choked her with both hands. As a result, Li Yumei had bruises all over her neck.

I sent forth righteous thought every day. The guards handcuffed me to the heating pipes. Later they assigned several more criminals to watch me. They did not allow me to turn off the light at night. They attempted to extend my term. I thought that my Teacher decided my path and I could do nothing about it. At no time did I write anything to denounce Dafa. I was released when my sentence was completed. After I got home, they once again tried to force me into another brainwashing class. I was forced to leave my home to avoid further persecution.

* Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

December 13, 2003