(Clearwisdom.net) I was sent to a forced labor camp in 2002. One day, when I was having lunch on the labor camp's courtyard, I recited in my mind, "Fa rectifies heaven and earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime." A scene suddenly appeared in my mind, a withered flower once again blossomed, and it now became even more colorful and beautiful than before. I was amazed to find that sending forth righteous thoughts had such strong effects!

I was surprised because I have always thought that sending forth righteous thoughts is simply to eliminate the evil. I never thought that it could also have these wonderful effects!

Since then, I have experienced even more magnificent scenes when sending forth righteous thoughts: a golden Buddha palace that was tilted and was about to collapse suddenly became rectified by my righteous thoughts and now it radiates golden light... a barren hill became a green hill and the broad line between the lifeless yellow and lively green rapidly pushed forward by the pure energy of righteous thoughts. It was truly magnificent. Wherever the energy went, things were renewed and beings were saved.

I have come to understand that we are compassionate and our sending forth righteous thoughts is truly saving sentient beings. It can eliminate the deteriorated and rectify the deviated. I understand the deeper meaning of "The human body is so mysterious that it is beyond human knowledge, which can merely scratch the surface." (from "Firmament" Essentials for Further Advancement) When we send forth righteous thoughts, our cultivated bodies at different layers are larger than the next layer. They carry out the magnificent supernormal capabilities at different levels in layers of universe. It is truly inconceivable for an ordinary person.

As I was doing well in sending forth righteous thoughts, I also had a breakthrough in studying the Fa. During that time, I improved rapidly. Even reciting the "Lunyu" was a joy to me (see my earlier article entitled "Reciting Lunyu Over and Over Is Such a Joy.") As soon as I woke up in the morning, I would send forth righteous thoughts. I'd concentrate and clear my mind. It would often last the whole morning without interruption. When I felt really exhausted, I would recite "Lunyu" many times before continuing. Sometimes I felt as if my body was lifted up because the impure substances were quickly transformed by the intensive righteous thoughts. I truly felt the power when I recited the phrases. I would keep sending forth righteous thoughts for several hours without interruption so that evil never got the chance to escape. If I got too tired, I would study the Fa and I would quickly recover. Sometimes I sent forth righteous thoughts even in my dreams. Because I had kept a righteous mind, I experienced the magnificence of the Fa during Fa study and every sentence displayed a meaningful principle behind it. When I shared my experience with another fellow practitioner, he said that even sending forth righteous thoughts twenty-four hours a day was not enough. It is truly this way.

One day, a drug addict was assigned to the same team that I was assigned. He has been in and out of the labor camp six times and brutally tortured practitioners. Some practitioners who suffered the torture said that this person was bound to go the hell.

He was assigned to monitor me. We had conflicts immediately, as I did not cooperate with him. Those several days, I sent forth righteous thoughts specifically to eliminate all the evil factors in his life, from the surface to its origin that damaged Dafa. Several days later, I was surprised that he kept thanking me. Sometimes he would thank me five or six times a day when I only helped him with little things.

What really happened? One day I suddenly realized the reason while sending forth righteous thoughts. In fact, everything in this dimension is a manifestation of a more microscopic level. It is his knowing side or even more complicated factors that were thanking me.

He completely changed his attitude. He no longer gave me a hard time and became very friendly to me and other practitioners. I knew that many sentient beings in his related celestial body were saved and that they were expressing their gratitude though him.

Since then, I have become even more compassionate when sending forth righteous thoughts. In addition, I know that my environment is actually the manifestation of my corresponding universe and every deteriorated factor is directly related to me. "Nobody should blame others for it, as everyone has added fuel to the flame." (Zhuan Falun) I can only rectify things and save them with the Fa and the principles Teacher gave us.

I intensively sent forth righteous thoughts and studied the Fa during the last five months in the labor camp. I refused to do intense labor, so I had lot of spare time. When my mind was most righteous, no one would dare to denounce Teacher or Dafa. Even if there was a hint of slander, my righteous thoughts instantly suppressed it and such topics would not start. Sometimes when I sat in peace and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil, my surroundings became purer, more peaceful, and harmonious. I truly understood the feeling of "Everyday people don't know me, I sit in mysterious pass" (Hongyin). I could not see the supernormal capability, but I firmly believed in its existence. Therefore, I felt that Teacher has given me enormous supernormal capabilities and that they can suppress everything, even in the labor camp.

During that time, they were trying to "transform" practitioners, but no one came to bother me. As if I was forgotten, they did not even ask me to "talk with officials." Only one time did a person whom I used to share a bunk bed with betrayed me. He claimed that he had confidence that he could brainwash me. I spent a whole day to send forth righteous thoughts not only to eliminate his evil factors but also the deviated things in myself. I spent nearly eight hours, as I know that the true power lies in the fact that there is no attachment in my heart. After that, I no longer heard him saying these things.

In retrospect, I did not think about how to get out or relieve my suffering when I sent forth righteous thoughts. I truly understood that sending forth righteous thoughts could bring such magnificence for sentient beings, so I did it tirelessly every day. Whereas, now my mind is not so pure and my thoughts are always mixed with some purpose, such as whether or not Dafa work goes smoothly or my personal safety. Thus, I feel that my righteous thoughts are not as powerful.

When I was about to be released, I suddenly realized that according to the arrangement of the old forces, I would be brainwashed in the labor camp or even become a collaborator (former practitioner who has turned against Dafa under pressure) and take a completely deviated path. My xinxing (character) level when I was first sent to the labor camp would not allow me to pass all of these tests. However, through intensive sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa, my xinxing standard improved and the old forces could not find excuses to torture me. Therefore their arrangement was no longer valid. These are only my current understandings from the perspective of the Fa. I will become clearer in the future as I constantly cultivate myself.