(Clearwisdom.net) I would just like to share an incident that happened to me on January 8th of this year. Some western practitioners in Toronto were going to be singing the song "Coming For You" (Wei Ni Er Lai) at a New Year Gala at the Toronto Convention Centre on January 10th. We had been practising for about a month and sounded quite good, I thought, except for me. Although I had sung in a choir as a child and performed onstage as a young adult, I had not sung for many years. My voice had gone from soprano to an untrained alto. I could not carry a tune. But this was for Dafa, for the precious Chinese people. So I volunteered.

My experience occurred on January 8th while I was shopping for part of the costume I would wear in the concert. All the ladies were going to wear colourful shawls or scarves. Since I didn't have one I had to go shopping. It was in the small shop that it happened. The storeowner was a Chinese lady from the Mainland. While she was helping me I told her about the concert and she was quite intrigued. So right there in the middle of the store in the middle of the afternoon without really worrying what I would sound like, I sang the song "Coming for You" for her.

She looked more than a little surprised and at the same time rather pleased. I knew I had done a pretty good job at my pronunciation because she asked me if I had just memorised the words or did I know what I was actually singing. I told her what the song was about and that I felt the Chinese people are very precious. I told her that I am a Falun Gong practitioner and only want the best for her, her homeland and really everyone in the world. She stood there motionless, and I think, speechless. By this time I had picked out my shawl and paid for it. In Chinese I thanked her and wished her a Happy New Year and left.

I am a person who really avoids being at the centre of attention. I have never written an experience sharing before nor have I ever made a speech at a Fahui. And yet there in that store it seemed so right. It felt like the most natural thing to do. I know Master was watching and helped me sing well.