(Clearwisdom.net) Minghui reported on January 22, 2004 that Australian citizen Lisa's younger sister, Guangdong practitioner Yiwen Tang, was sentenced to a jail term of two years and imprisoned for an extra year. She was released for medical treatment from the Sanshui Labor Camp on August 23, 2003 as a result of the global rescue campaign.

During the three years of imprisonment, Yiwen Tang was subjected to torture. Her parents are over 70 years old, and she has a sister Lisa, who went to live in Australia more than ten years ago. The sisters have not seen each other for years. Recently Lisa invited Yiwen Tang to visit her in Australia, but the Guangzhou Police Station has refused to issue her a passport. The reason was that the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department has an order to stop Falun Gong practitioners from going abroad.

In another case, Haiyu Yan, the sister of Sydney resident Zhihui Yan, applied for a passport in order to visit her relatives in Australia. The Guangzhou Police Station also rejected her application.

Australian citizen Lisa and Zhihui Yan are calling for the stop of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and would like to remind the officials concerned in the Guangdong Provincial government not the support Jiang's persecution. Falun Gong practitioners' basic rights, the basic rights of Chinese citizens, should be respected and returned to them.