(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Xiaofang (female), team leader of the Seventh Team at the Women's Labor Reform Camp in Nanmusi, Sichuan Province, is a quick-tempered 30-year-old woman, and a cruel and merciless person. She was chosen as one of the "Top Ten Young Police Officers" in Sichuan Province for her active participation in the vicious persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. There have been articles published on the Clearwisdom website exposing her horrible deeds. The following list of crimes and persecution methods further exposes her wrongdoings and reveals the true nature of Zhang's ranking in the "Top Ten Young Police Officers."

1. Forbidding practitioners from taking a shower or changing clothes

Zhang would force Falun Dafa practitioners to perform labor for 16-17 hours a day in the hot summer, and they often had to work through the night. Afterwards, she would not allow them to shower or wash, or even change their clothes.

2. Force-feeding with water and forbidding use of the restroom

Zhang Xiaofang would force-feed steadfast practitioners with water until they were painfully bloated, and then she would prevent them from using the restroom. Some practitioners couldn't help but urinate in their pants. The guard would urge the criminal inmates to take practitioners' clothes off and use them as rags to wipe the urine off the ground, and then throw the clothes in the trashcan. They would later resume and repeat the harassment. In the freezing winter without clothes, practitioners would be shaking with bluish skin. Anybody who tried to help the practitioners out of kindness, and mop the urine off the ground was subject to fines and beatings. Zhang Xiaofang would sometimes also force practitioners to lick the urine off the ground. Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Wu Houyu and Ms. Yue Liyong were often subjected to this kind of harassment and often had to wear urine-soaked pants .

3. Sleep deprivation

Practitioners must get up at 5 a.m. and not go to bed until 2 or 3 a.m. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Qinfang was deprived of sleep for two days and two nights because she refused to say a certain government employee was good. Practitioners were deprived of sleep for three days and three nights in the winter for refusing to acknowledge their status as prisoners of the Labor Reform Camp and for declining to call out their prison-assigned number (Falun Gong practitioners often refuse to comply with prison regulations because they are not criminals and have broken no laws).

4. Punishment by standing, squatting or sitting

Practitioner Ms. Fu Liqiong's pants were forcefully stripped off and she was made to stand in the exercise field half-naked for a period of time; all the while, guard Zhang Xiaofang was fully aware of the incident.

Some practitioners were ordered to stand facing a wall for 17-18 hours a day. While standing, their faces and toes had to touch the wall, their eyes had to remain open and their legs straight. An imprisoned drug addict served as the guard. Ms. He Xiuzhen, a practitioner over 60 years old, was punished by being made to stand facing the wall from 5 a.m. until 3 or 4 a.m. every day for months. As a result of the torture, she became absentminded and unable to stand on her own, and was sent to the hospital for intravenous medication.

Practitioners were ordered to stay in a squatting position or sitting in a standard military style for a long time, up to 17-18 hours a day, accompanied by physical abuse if it wasn't carried out to the guard's liking. After this form of harassment, practitioners usually developed swollen feet and legs and had difficulty walking. Zhang Xiaofang, the prison guard, would order people to yank a practitioner to her feet and force her to run if she faltered. Practitioners Ms. Yang Hualian and Ms. Tan Jinhui were often beaten and kicked because they couldn't run at all after the torture.

5. Tying practitioners in painful positions

In an attempt to force practitioners to renounce their belief, in the freezing winter Zhang Xiaofang urged prison criminals to take practitioners into a small room. She then ordered them to take practitioners' clothes off and bind their hands behind their backs, and then force them to sit in the lotus position and bind their head and legs together, so the person looked like a round ball. It would be hard for anyone to sustain this kind of torture for long, but practitioners were sometimes bound in that excruciatingly painful position for over 20 hours. Practitioners were also beaten and kicked while in this position. Their mouths were covered to prevent their painful screams from being heard. Some practitioners were carried out on stretchers after the torture. Others limped out of the room with bruises all over their body, including on their nose and face. Some practitioners sustained leg injuries that would not heal for months after the torture. Practitioners Ms. Qiu Shuqiong, Ms. Li Fenyu, Ms. Li Yun, and Ms. Wang Hongxia were all subjected to this kind of torture. Some practitioners could not endure the torture and compromised their beliefs.

6. Exposure to the hot sun

Many practitioners have been subjected to this form of torture. While being baked in the sun, one must remain very still and stand up straight; otherwise some form of physical punishment would be meted out on the person, i.e. being forced to run around the field or do squatting exercises under the hot sun. Practitioner Ms. Qu Houyu was made to stand in the hot sun for a long period of time with her legs straight and her body bent at a 90-degree angle, one leg on the ground and the other leg on top of bricks that were put on a chair. She also suffered beating and kicking if she would move at all during the torture. As a result, she had many wounds and cuts all over her body.

7. Handcuffing practitioners to a tree or bed

One night, prison guard Zhang Xiaofang instigated several individuals to handcuff practitioner Ms. Yang Hualian to a tree, and then verbally abused and beat her for a long time. The people in the neighboring buildings could hear Zhang's shouting and Ms. Yang's painful screams. The next day, Ms. Yang's face and body were bruised all over. But Zhang slandered Yang Hualian and ordered her to pay medical expense of 700-800 yuan. Zhang also ordered Ms. Yang to go to the office and then publicly beat and verbally abused her. Practitioner Ms. Ai Kexie suffered the same kind of torture, but she was further persecuted by being handcuffed to a bed during the night.

8. Brutal force-feeding resulting in death

Zhang Xiaofang instigated criminal inmates to pry open the mouths of practitioners who were on a hunger strike, and force-feed them concentrated salt water solutions.

Ms. Zhu Yinfang was a vibrant, healthy practitioner in her 40s. She was sent to the Seventh Team on April 25, 2003 because she had resisted the persecution. On the following day, prison guards ordered 20 or so criminal detainees who specialized in harassing practitioners to bring Ms. Zhu to the shower room and put handcuffs and shackles on her hands and legs. They then proceeded to force-feed her with highly concentrated salt water. Others could hear her agonized screams, and then they taped her mouth shut to prevent her screams from being heard. We heard the prison guards murmur around 4 p.m., "She's no longer breathing." Ms. Zhu Yinfang had been in the Seventh Team for only two days before the beating and force-feeding killed her. Criminal detainees were allowed to beat practitioners at will and would afterward lie about their actions, and they were backed by the prison guards who were fully aware of the lies. In order to cover up and to evade legal consequences, the guards would order criminals to write reports that twisted the facts.

9. Extending working hours to increase labor production

The work to glue pinhead-sized fake diamonds began at 7 a.m. in the camp's Fourth Team area; the work would continue until midnight or even 2 a.m., with only a few minutes break for meals. If a practitioner completed 1,000 pieces, the authorities would increase the number of pieces to be glued to 1,100. They would arbitrarily say that the diamond pieces on a completed project were short of what was given to a practitioner, then they would demand payment of 0.5 yuan for each "missing" piece (in fact, the labor camp paid only 0.05 yuan for each diamond piece). Practitioner had no way to verify their claim because they weren't allowed to count the pieces for verification. One time, the guards claimed that 300 pieces of the fake diamonds were missing from a practitioner's completed work, so they took all the money that the practitioner had at the time to pay the difference.

10. Hanging a person up by handcuffs

One time, the guards handcuffed practitioner Ms. Chen Wenqiong's hands behind her back and hung the handcuff on a high bar. Her feet were dangling in the air and she was hung like that for many days.

11. Beatings with police batons, electric batons, clubs, or steel rods

Zhang Xiaofang often urged female "discipline officer" Li and her team to hit practitioners with clubs, steel rods or bamboo strips. They hit practitioner Ms. Li Fengqi's hands so severely that flesh was flayed off her hands. Officer Li (about 50 years old) used a sharp pointed pen to dig into practitioners' acupuncture points or other sensitive pressure points. She said, "With the support of the Communist Party, it is not illegal for us if we beat you to death, then cremate and bury you."

Perpetrators used three electric batons to shock practitioner Ms. Zhang Yuchun. Once, team leader Zhang shouted loudly while shocking practitioner Ms. Ma Qingchun with an electric baton, "Those who intend to expose us on the Clearwisdom website, watch carefully what I do; this is how I beat Falun Dafa practitioners, and I am not afraid being exposed!" She was extremely arrogant.

12. Locking in a water dungeon

There were over ten Falun Dafa practitioners, including Ms. Tao Juhua and Ms. Zheng Youmei, who were soaked in sewage water (known as the "water dungeon").

13. Withholding rationed food

After the 2003 New Year's Day, Zhang Xiaofang said, "In order to intensify our reeducation of practitioners, the government will halve the food ration to non-reformed practitioners." In fact, practitioners only received a quarter of the regular ration. The older practitioners felt starved and weak, unable to walk straight. The Seventh Team would rather feed the leftover food to pigs than to hungry practitioners.

14. Dragging practitioners along the ground

In August 2004, the temperature reached 39 degrees Celsius in Nanmusi. Zhang Xiaofang, and her helpers Pan Rong, Qin Weixia, and Wang Shan urged people to drag practitioners Ms. Zhu Xia, Ms. Wu Houyu, Ms. Li Hongyan, Ms. Han Jie, and Ms. Wan Gufen, with their backs scraping along on the uneven concrete surface. This lasted for a few days. For Ms. Wu, the torture continued for over ten days. The flesh on her back, legs and feet was raw, and there were bruises and cuts all over her body. Blood and dirt stuck to her wounds: it was a horrible sight.

15. Binding practitioners' legs in the lotus position for long periods of time

The authorities ordered steadfast practitioners to sit in the lotus position, and then tied their legs in that position. The prison guard mockingly said, "This is to let you have more chances to practice the Falun Gong exercises." The majority of the practitioners have suffered this kind of torture; some of them had their legs bound like that for over 15 hours. This abuse resulted in serious injury, and some practitioners were still limping months after the torture.

16. Sexual abuse

Zhang Xiaofang and the prison guards stripped off practitioners' clothes and ordered them to lick each other's genitals. When they refused to follow such orders, the guards pushed the practitioners' heads down to force them to do it. In the cold months of February and March, they stripped Ms. Yin Huafeng's and made her stand in front of a mirror naked for two whole days and nights. In addition, they made her stand naked in the exercise field to humiliate her in public. Other guards who still had a conscience saw the evil acts and commented, "These prison guards are not human," so these guards finally told Ms. Yin to put her underwear back on.

These are eyewitness accounts of the brutal persecution towards Falun Gong practitioners, as orchestrated by prison guard Zhang Xiaofeng and her team in the Women's Labor Reform Camp. There are as-yet untold illegal acts too numerous to count.

Such a cruel criminal as Zhang Xiaofang was even praised and awarded as one of the "Top Ten Young Police Officers" by Jiang's political regime.

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