Practitioners at Minghui.Net, (1)

How are you! In a blink of an eye, one year has passed quickly. Please accept this greeting from Mainland China practitioners. Happy New Year! You've been working hard!

Reading Minghui.Net,

We see the upright Minghui fellow practitioners,

Carefully correcting the characters and sentences,

Editing articles with righteous thoughts,

Clearing away all haze with mighty righteous faith.

We are grateful for Minghui practitioners' contributions,

Unselfish and unseen to the public.

Encouragement from Minghui,

Makes us firm without slacking,

Though we are separated by mountains and ocean,

Nothing can block our will to save sentient beings of the world.

By Mainland China practitioners

2005 New Year

(1) Clearwisdom.net is the English version of Minghui Net.