Ms. Dong Guang'e had to leave home to avoid being further persecuted by the 610 Office and the police. After sustaining severe physical and psychological injuries, she passed away on November 30, 2004.

Ms. Dong, 40, began practicing Falun Dafa in 1999. She had twice appealed in Beijing. She was detained at the Honghu No. 1 Detention Center and then the No. 2 Detention Center.

On March 15, 2004, the local 610 Office and Xindi Town policemen attempted to abduct Ms. Dong from work. Fortunately, someone informed her beforehand, and she escaped. The 610 Office kept on pursuing her, and Ms. Dong had to abandon her home. She passed away on November 30, 2004. On October 15, 2004, another practitioner, Chen Heping, also died due to persecution.

According to internal information, the Hubei Province government has set a quota for Honghu City for sending Falun Gong practitioners to brainwashing classes. For each practitioner sent to a brainwashing class, his or her employer will receive a 6000-yuan reward. Subsequently, Honghu City officials started to abduct and persecute practitioners.

Falun Dafa practitioner Wu Qinyu was forced to leave home.

The culprits:

Head of the Honghu 610 Office and the National Security Team: Zuo Shihong, male, 86-13972137188 (Cell)

Party Secretary of the National Security Team in Honghu Police Department: Yang Hong, female, telephone: 86-716 2498635