(Clearwisdom.net) Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp located in Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province, is notorious for its extensive persecution of male Falun Gong practitioners of Shaanxi Province. Guards who torture and "reform" more practitioners are promoted and rewarded, while guards who sympathize with practitioners are chastised. According to the information provided by the guards there, if they can force a practitioner to accept the brainwashing, they will be rewarded with 10,000 yuan. The guards use extremely cruel methods to persecute practitioners in order to "earn rewards."

The guards order the most vicious criminals to persecute practitioners. These prisoners beat practitioners with the support and instigation of the guards. The prisoners who beat and torture practitioners most cruelly are rewarded with the title "civilized student," reduced prison terms, exemption from labor, etc., thus they become more brutal in torturing practitioners.

The guards arranged a separate room for each team. They lock up steadfast practitioners and allocate four or five prisoners to monitor them. In order to hide their criminal acts, these rooms are all far away from others. The windows are covered with curtains and visitors are not allowed to go in. The door has a sign reading "psychological consultation room."

Xing Yimin, the deputy director of Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp once claimed that the set up of single rooms was to create a good environment for practitioners to self-reflect and study. In fact, they detain practitioners there for several months, even a few years, disallow practitioners to go out, and completely deprive them of their rights. The guards and prisoners beat, scold, insult practitioners, deprive them of sleep, force them to sleep on the ground and suffer from the cold in the winter. Day and night, you can often hear practitioners' crying out due to the brutal torture. The unlawful staff of the "education team" beat practitioner Wu Xinming with a two-inch-thick wooden club so severely that the club broke. "Life team" instructor Feng Xiyao tortured a practitioner with an electric baton for half an hour. When he used up the batteries, he replaced them with new ones and continued the torture.

Practitioner Han Tao suffered relentless torment in the No. 2 Brigade. He often passed out from the torture and he was forced to sleep on the floor. The guards incited the prisoners to pour water on the floor, making the water level higher than his bedding. He slept in this condition for more than a month. Practitioners Ma Minghai, Xie Liangchao, Qiang Xiaoyi, Song Zhi and others were tied to the "Dead Person's Bed" (1) for over a month. The guards there use brutal torture methods such as "tying the ropes" and "hanging up," shocking with electric batons for a long period, shoving steel nails into the fingers through the tips of the fingernails, recklessly beating practitioners with blunt tools wrapped with cloth (so as not to leave any marks), and sleep deprivation.

Besides the violent torture, the guards also recklessly trample practitioners' human rights. In the cells, practitioners are followed by the supervisor all the time, regardless of whether they are using the toilet, washing, working or sleeping. Practitioners are not allowed to talk to each other or even see each other. When in the office or talking with the guards, practitioners are not allowed to sit, but can only squat on the ground. The guards even limit contact between the prisoners and the practitioners, because they fear that the prisoners will learn the truth about the persecution.

Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp address: Dongjiahe Town, Fengxiang County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, postcode: 721400

Director: Zhang Shilu 86-917-7485337, former director: Liu Chunxi
Deputy Director: Xing Yimin, Cu Jiaqi
Office: 86-917-7484310
Transformation Office Chief: Yang Jun 86-917-7485309, 86-917-7485306
No. 1 Brigade: 86-917-7485083
No. 2 Brigade: 86-917-9485225
Instructor: Hu Xinqi, Brigade Chief: Hou Bocheng
Police officer: Niu Dangxu, Wang Junwei, Zhu Xilin, Wang Wenlong, Dou Guangqing, Hu Xinqi
Life Team: 86-917-7485185
Instructor: Feng Xiyao, Squadron Chief: Liu Zhiqi
Police officer: Zhang Weilong, Wang Yonghua, Xu Haijun, Wei Qiming
Education Team: 86-917-7485329
Instructor: Lu Lianke, Squadron Chief: Chen Chaoen, Yang Yalong
Police officer: Yang Yalong, Wang Wenhui, Wang Xiang, Hou Haifei


(1) "Dead Person's Bed" -- The four limbs of the practitioner are stretched out and tied to the four corners of a cold metal bed, leaving the practitioner unable to move. He is not allowed to get up to eat, drink, or use the toilet. This treatment lasts from several hours up to several weeks. This type of torture causes severe mental and physical damage to the practitioner.