Torture Method No. 1: Battering the Head with a Nut from a Large Bolt

The torturer wraps the nut from a large bolt with wool, fastens it with a rope, and then swings it around forcefully to repeatedly hit a practitioner's head, leaving many dents on his skull. The practitioner's head is so painful that it seems that it is split open. The practitioner can easily suffer a mental breakdown. Practitioner Yu Fuqi's head sustained over 20 fractures, which resulted in severe post-concussion syndrome. (See Illustration 1)

Torture Method No. 2: Dousing with Water and Then Shocking with Electric Baton

The torturers doused practitioner Zhang Xiangfu's face with water and then shocked it with electric batons. Mr. Zhang's face was badly burned. (See Illustration 2)

Torture Method No. 3: Inserting a Rat into a Practitioner's Underclothes

The torturers locked practitioner Tang Shaoyong on a chair, shocked him with an electric baton, and inserted a big rat into his underclothes, allowing it to run around biting him. (See Illustration 3)