Ms. Zhu Xiuqing from Yichun City died from persecution

In the second half of 2000 Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhu from Yichun City was unlawfully held in custody. Due to severe torture, illnesses which had previously disappeared through Falun Dafa cultivation came back to her body. Her breast cancer spread rapidly. She died at the end of November 2000, soon after her release.

Ms. Zhu Xiuqing was only 41 years old when she passed away. She and her husband used to manage a food store for a living. They lived at No. 188 Xinchangwei in the Jinshantun District of Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. Zhu started practicing Falun Dafa at the end of 1998. Soon afterwards, she recovered from breast cancer. Subsequently her entire family started practicing Falun Dafa.

Officials in Jinshantun launched an all-out campaign to suppress Falun Dafa practitioners after July 20, 1999. Zhu went to Beijing to appeal for the rights of Falun Dafa practitioners. She told government officials about her own experience, asking the government to recognize Falun Dafa and allow it to be practiced legally. She was escorted back to her hometown and held in custody for half a month.

On October 18, 1999, numerous contact people in Jinshantun were held in custody. Ms. Zhu and her fellow practitioners went to the Jinshantun Government offices, demanding the unconditional release of those in custody. Several dozen practitioners were detained by the police. The detention center was not equipped to hold the large number of practitioners and some of them, including Zhu, were held in the Procuratorate for over forty days without going through any legal process.

In the second half of 2000, Ms. Zhu was again arrested. She was held in jail indefinitely on the grounds that she organized fellow practitioners to go to Beijing to appeal. In her extended period of custody, she suffered both physical and mental abuse. Her breast cancer resurfaced and quickly deteriorated. Blood and pus were excreted from her breast continuously. When it was hot, the odor was strong and she could not take care of herself. However, the police refused to release her despite repeated requests from her family and refused her any medical treatment. Finally she was released when she was near death. She died as a direct consequence of the persecution at the end of November, shortly after her release.

Ms. Zhang Shuhua in the Jinshantun District of Yichun City died from persecution

Ms. Zhang Shuhua, 46, was a Falun Dafa practitioner in the Jinshantun District of Yichun City. The police arrested her in 2000 for reading and distributing Teacher's articles. She was held indefinitely at the Jinshantun District Detention Center in Yichun City. Ms. Zhang appeared ill during custody and her eyesight declined significantly. Detention center authorities refused to release her, denying her any medical treatment. Only after her condition deteriorated drastically and her family paid an extortion of 2,000 yuan was she finally released from custody. Her family took her to the provincial seat of Harbin City for rescue, and she was diagnosed with a terminal stage brain tumor. Ms. Zhang died between July and August from persecution, shortly after her release from the detention center.

Individuals who engaged in the persecution and death of these two practitioners:

Lu Zhizhao, former head of Jinshantun District Government (now an official in Yichun District)
Sun Hongxi, Jinshantun District Party Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee
Meng Xianhua, chief of Jinshantun District Police Department: 86-458-3732233; cellular, 86-13846693497
Cui Yuzhong of the police department: 86-458-3738191, 86-458-3738537, 86-458-3732368; cellular, 86-13904589398
Dong Delin, deputy chief of the police department: 86-458-3737888, 86-458-3738505; cellular, 86-13945892000
He Jindong, deputy section head at the police department
Zhang Xingwang, head of the police department's political security section
Xiao Jingyu, deputy head of the political security section
Li Zongxin, former head of Tuanjiehu Police Station in Jinshantun District (now in the political security section)
Wang Fugui, deputy head of Tuanjiehu Police Station (retired)
Gu Binyi, head of Jinshantun District Detention Center: 86-458-3738449

December 20, 2004