(Clearwisdom.net) Late in the autumn of 2004, just one day prior to the annual market festival in the Shenzhou District of Hebei Province, a farmer from Beijingming Village went to Shijiazhuang City to conduct some wholesale carpet business. When he was taking inventory of the carpets he purchased, to his surprise, he found a hidden stash of 18,700 yuan in one of the rolled up carpets. How could there be so much money in that carpet? The farmer immediately called his wife at home and asked her what to do with the money. The wife said: "I am a Falun Dafa practitioner; I follow Mr. Li Hongzhi's teachings, so please return the money to whoever lost it."

The wife also told her husband that he should not take anything that did not belong to him, and that he should try to be considerate of the person who lost the money. She kept telling her husband not to accept any reward when he returned the money to the owner. The husband went back to the carpet market and found that the carpet seller was in a frenzied panic, searching through all the carpets for his lost money. The seller had misplaced his money inside a carpet and now the money was gone. The husband immediately returned the money to the seller, and the seller was so excited that he did not know what to say. The seller took out some money and tried to give it to the husband. The practitioner's husband simply declined everything the seller offered, knowing that he did the right thing.