(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Ding Xianglan and I am 54 years old. I live on Chengde Street in the Longtan District, Jilin City and I am a retiree of the Jilin Chemical Engineering Institute. In October 2004, I went to Beijing to visit my son and I suddenly developed a high fever. I went to a hospital in Beijing for an examination. My temperature at that time was 39.5o C (103.1o F) and I was coughing. Blood tests showed that my white blood cell count was normal. After a CT scan, the doctor found that I had terminal lung cancer. The cancerous growth was obvious on CT film. I went to Beijing for treatment and after I exhausted my savings, I went back to Jilin City. I first went to the Second Hospital of the Jilin Chemical Engineering Institute to get injections. The injections cost 200 yuan each day. I then went to the First Hospital of Jilin Chemical Engineering Institute for a CT scan, and they again confirmed that I had lung cancer.

By this time, I was so skinny that I looked totally different from how I was before. My family's economic condition was not good and my whole family was trying to arrange money for me to undergo treatment. They planned to sell our residence to get money for me to have an operation. But how could I have the heart to let them sell our residence for my treatment! At the same time, there was an employee at my institute who was also affected with lung cancer. She died only three days after she started chemotherapy and she suffered a lot. Her death gave me a heavy blow and I did not have any hope for my cancer.

When I was in this desperate situation, one of my relatives who practices Falun Dafa came to my house. She advised me to practice Falun Gong and said, "Quite likely only Falun Gong can save your life."

At the beginning I was suspicious. But I thought later, "There is no other hope for me anyway and there are so many people who still persistently cultivate Falun Dafa under such a harsh persecution. Falun Gong must be something supernormal. There is nothing wrong with Truthfulness-Benevolence-Tolerance." I made up my mind -- I stopped chemotherapy, decided not to have an operation and decided to practice Falun Gong.

On November 20, I started to study the Fa and practice the Falun Gong exercises. It was miraculous, but from the first day I started to practice Falun Gong, I began to recover rapidly. I changed every day. On the fifth day, I went to the Second Hospital of the Jilin Chemical Engineering Institute for an X-ray, and found that the cancer had completely disappeared. The diagnosis of the expert was, "The lung cancer has completely healed." The doctors thought that it was incredible that in five days, a patient with terminal lung cancer could become a healthy person. My face was a healthy, glowing color and I was energetic -- just like a healthy person.

All my family members and friends were astounded by my changes. Falun Gong is great! My family and I don't know how we can express our sincere gratitude to Master Li and to Falun Dafa. Here, I am only writing down my true experiences and I take full responsibility for what I have recorded.

December 9, 2004