(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. He Yuanhui in Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province was abducted from her home in 2002. The perpetrators were Liaoyuan National Security officers and members of the 610 Office.

They brutally beat and tortured her, hammering bamboo slivers under all of her fingernails and committing other forms of torture. In September 2002, He Yuanhui was unlawfully sentenced to ten years in prison. She has so far been detained for two and one half years in Jilin Prison located in Jilin City, Jilin Province.

Since being imprisoned, He Yuanhui has not cooperated with the perpetrators, and she has been suffering severe persecution. Her original body weight of 140 Jin (156 lb.) has dropped to only 70 Jin (78 lb.) Due to the persecution, she also suffers from severe pulmonary tuberculosis. She coughs up blood and cannot even walk. Her family members have been to the prison several times, asking to allow her to receive medical treatment, but the prison authorities have rejected all such requests. Presently, He Yuanhui's life is in grave danger.

According to collected information, Jilin Prison now illegally imprisons several hundred Falun Gong practitioners, all of whom are being tortured! Some practitioners have contracted pulmonary tuberculosis due to the persecution, but prison authorities do not allow them to be released on bail for medical treatment. Instead, they forbid practitioners from doing the Falun Gong exercises and attempt to brainwash them.

We appeal to all human rights organizations and people with a sense of justice and conscience to pay attention to the brutal persecution taking place in China's prisons.

Jilin Prison phone number: 86-432-4881551

He Yuanhui's address in prison:
He Yuanhui
Team 1 of the 11th Jail Ward, PO Box 315, Jilin City, Jilin Province 132012
P. R. China