(Clearwisdom.net) Inside Jianshanzi Prison in Mudanjiang City, several guards instigate prison inmates to brutally torture practitioners. Below are some of the facts:

Practitioner Gong Guidong Relentlessly Beaten by Guards and Inmates

In July of 2004, Gong Guidong wrote a letter to the municipal administration stating his innocence and requesting to be released from forced labor. On July 23, prison officers Xu Linyin and Zhang Dawei and an inmate named Xiu Yanxin asked Mr. Gong to go inside a factory instruction room with them, where they severely beat him. Guard Xu Linyin is well known for his frequent and open abuse of inmates. While he physically assaults the prisoners, he would also shout out loud, "Go ahead and sue me! When you sue me after you get out of here, I will already be retired." After the incident, prison director Xie Xiaodong approached Mr. Gong and talked with him. Mr. Gong told Xie that he had done nothing wrong to cause the guards to have him beaten.

On the morning of July 24, some administrative officials instigated an inmate named Cao Hongliang to bring Gong Gueidong to the entrance of the instruction room and beat him. A fellow practitioner, Mr. Li Baohua saw what was happening and tried to stop the beating. Instead, he was also beaten. Inmate Xiu Yanxin then dragged Li Baohua into the factory room and yelled in front of many others, "So you shout to stop the beating? Go ahead and shout! Do as you wish. If we did not have orders from higher authorities, who would dare to beat you Falun Gong practitioners?" After that, Cao Hongliang took Gong Guidong to a building that was under construction, and in front of many others, beat and kicked Mr. Gong for about half an hour. Mr. Gong was bruised all over his body. Later, prison director Wang Hongyan asked Gong Guidong to go to a cellblock's instruction room to talk with him. Mr. Gong pointed out that it was illegal for prison guards to instigate inmates to abuse other inmates. Wang replied, "We punish those who dare to stand up [to resist the persecution]."

On July 26, inmates Cao Hongliang and Xiu Yanxin again took Gong Guidong into the east-side instruction room and started beating him with a wooden stick and almost killed him. Cao Hongliang, with the support from prison guards, is very cruel and persecutes practitioners at will.

The guards in the No. 15 cellblock of Jianshanzi Prison have no conscience or morals. They beat Mr. Gong to the brink of death, rendering him unable to walk without great difficulty. Nevertheless, they did not take Mr. Gong to the hospital or let him rest and recover on his own. He is still forced to do labor and has to use a cart to help him move around. He also needs someone to carry him up and down the stairs.

The Torture Death of Practitioner Yu Junxiou

Yu Junxiou learned Falun Dafa while in prison and was detained in the No. 9 cellblock. From April to June of 2003 he was isolated in a small cell because of his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." While detained in isolation, Mr. Yu was inhumanely persecuted. Almost all the prison guards in charged of the cell personally beat Mr. Yu, especially guards Lin Limin, Liu Ping, and Xu Shujun. Lin Limin and Liu Ping would first cuff Mr. Yu's hands and feet together, and then fasten the cuffs to an iron bar from behind Mr. Yu with the bar fixed to the ground. They would use "little white dragons" (white plastic pipes) to beat Mr. Yu. Guard Xu Shujun would shock Mr. Yu with an electric baton for as long as an hour. Everyday, Mr. Yu was given only half a roll to eat, and drinking water was often forbidden for several days in a row. When the guards realized that Yu Junxiu was not going to survive, they told outsiders that he fell ill while detained in the isolation room and then they hospitalized him. Mr. Yu died a few days later. The prison guards then lied by saying that Mr. Yu became ill and didn't cooperate with the hospital treatments, and that this is what caused his death.