Facts of the Persecution

1) Many Falun Gong Practitioners Have Been Abducted Recently in Yanji City, Jilin Province

Song Guoru, a practitioner from Yanji City, was abducted on the afternoon of December 1, 2004. The 610 Office in Tumenjiang City held a brainwashing class in November and many practitioners were arrested and sent to the class to be persecuted. The class concluded at the end of November. Authorities in Yanbian area started their brainwashing class in late November. Many practitioners were sent there and the class was still being conducted at the time of writing this article. The father-in-law of Cai Fuchen from Longjing City was also sent to the brainwashing class. Under pressure from higher officials, Yanji City authorities ordered local police to arrest more practitioners. Recently Li Ximei, Liu Wenwen, Zheng Baohua and another practitioner surnamed Liu were abducted while clarifying the truth.

2) The Persecution of Practitioners at the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province

Since November 20, 2004, practitioners jailed in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp have been on hunger strike to protest their detention, unattended medical needs, slave labor and torture. In Brigade Four, 30-year-old Machi developed severe illness because of torture and he has been fasting for seven days. Liu Wen, 40, who contracted tuberculosis while jailed, has been on hunger strike for 6 days. Wang Jinbo, 40, who could not stand up to walk, has been fasting for 5 days. At present, Wang has lost control of his bowel movements. Rong Zhanmin developed rectal swelling because of the torture and he can no longer take care of himself.