Shared at the 2004 New York Falun Dafa Conference


Greetings respected Teacher Li!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

My name is Dou Dou, and I am nine years old. I have been rescued from China. The title of my speech today is "Coming to the US from China."

I obtained the Fa along with my mom when I was two years old. At that time, mom always took me to group exercise practices. I participated in a large-scale group practice with several thousand practitioners in 1998. On that day a reporter took a photo of me sitting down meditating. The photo was published in the Yang Cheng Evening Newspaper. At that time, all the reports in newspapers praised Falun Gong. I also lived in a very happy family. I knew that practitioners have to behave well and cultivate "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance."

All of a sudden one day, Jiang started persecuting Falun Gong. My mom was thrown in jail several times. One day the police called my dad and asked him to bring mom home. They also asked him to bring me along. We went to the police precinct and saw mom had wounds all over her body. I cried aloud and asked for my mom. Yet the police insisted that she had to reveal the locations where other Dafa practitioners were hiding before they set her free. Mom told the police nothing. She did not want to betray other practitioners. I really wanted my mom to go home. The police ordered dad and me to leave. At midnight, the police called us back to the precinct. They intended to change my mom's mind if she saw me crying. I knew that for mom it was heartbreaking, yet she did not say a word to the police. In the end she was taken back to her cell.

At the day-care center, my caretaker threatened me by saying: "If you continue to practice with your mom, you will be thrown into the mountains and let those big wild dogs to tear you apart." I was four years old, yet I was not scared because my Master was with me in my heart.

One day at the Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou, there was a large-scale group practice with one thousand practitioners. I participated with my mom. The police arrested both of us. At the police precinct, we continued practicing the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. I saw practitioners were locked inside a metal cage. Some were in small dark rooms. Both mom and I were detained for a few days.

One day, several dozen police officers broke into our home and took mom away by force. I asked the police: "Why don't you go and arrest pickpockets and leave my mom alone? My mom is a good person. Why do you keep her in jail?" Later, mom fled from jail and had to live a homeless life. Then she was kidnapped and thrown into a brainwashing center. The police took my mom away from me. How more inhumane could they be? My mom wandered for a long time and dad and I had no knowledge of her well-being. When my mom called me for the first time from US, I cried so hard. My heart was so painful. I wondered when I would see her again.

Over the next three years, I often felt heartbroken without mom next to me. I could not sleep well at night. Whenever the moon came out I missed mom even more. I missed her when I saw other kids with their moms. Over the phone, mom kept reminding me that I should forever remember that I should be a good kid and act according to "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance." With the Fa in my mind, I passed the most difficult period of time.

One day dad took me to a temple. He gave me incense to burn and asked me to pray to the Buddha statue. Since I have my Master, I said to him: "Dad, there is a swallow and I want to play with it." Dad did not insist, so I passed the test. Another time I saw posters slandering Dafa placed on a wall at my school, I pulled them down.

In those days no one would practice the exercises or study the Fa with me, so I forgot the movements quickly. I was afraid that Master would not care for me anymore. So I made a wish--if it rained on the next day, Master would care for me, otherwise He wouldn't. It actually rained on the next day. So I thought: "Master cares for me still."

Mom wanted to bring me out of China. Dad applied for a passport for me, yet the police would not issue the passport because mom was a Falun Gong practitioner. Mom wrote to the Guangzhou Police Bureau and the Provincial Governor. She also sent them various media reports about Falun Gong outside China. Additionally, some US Congress people and many Dafa practitioners either wrote letters or made calls to China in order to get me out. I finally got the passport after all the help and endeavors. When we picked up the passport, my dad asked the police officer what changed their mind. The officer ran away immediately. It was shameful for the police to not have issued me the passport and they knew it. So he ran away.

When I just arrived in the US, I was excited, but also felt bad. I was glad to see mom, but I could not let go the horrific memory of living without mom for the past three years. Soon after, though, I was happy again because I started meditating and studying the Fa, just as I had done prior to the persecution. Whenever I had a day off from school, I would go out to clarify the facts and distribute flyers so that the persecution could be stopped and more young Dafa practitioners like me can be set free. I found that many people accepted flyers from me with a big smile. One day an elderly American asked me to teach him the exercises after he read the flyer. After he learned the exercises, he gave me a banana as a reward. I offered him $1. He said that $1 could buy four bananas. So the banana was just a reward for me. Once when I was distributing flyers in the subway, a lady was crying as she was reading the material. When she got off the subway, she carefully folded the flyer and put it in her purse. I was happy to see so many Americans support Dafa. I did not mind being tired at all doing Dafa work.

It was predestined that I came to this world and obtained Dafa. I must treasure the Fa and treasure the mercy of Master. I also need to thank the American people and everybody else who helped get me out of China. Without them I would not be as happy as I am today. I must strive forward in cultivation.

Thank you Teacher!

Thank you everyone!

November 8, 2004