(Clearwisdom.net) Previously, the way I always clarified the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution was by talking to my relatives and friends and distributing some truth-clarification materials. However, after I read Teacher's article, "In Fa-rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human," I reconsidered whether this way had its limitations.

When I walked down the street and saw the shops and street venders, I used to think that it would be good if there was an environment to openly clarify the truth to them, and it was a pity that the persecution still had not ended. Then I got a hint in a dream. After waking, I understood that this thought was actually a barrier, with the attachment of fear causing it. I realized that around me the evil almost did not exist. It was myself who thought the evil to be very big. After that, I started to clarify the truth to various stalls and shops door to door.

At the beginning of openly clarifying the truth door to door, I had some fears and difficulties. After entering a store, I asked about this and that, how the business was going and so on. After chatting a while, I would clarify the truth. After I did this in several stores, my feeling was that this was not as complex as I had previously imagined. Later, when chatting I almost always went straight into clarifying the truth. The results were very good. Finally, I would give them a greeting card or a copy of truth-clarification materials. But there were also some very tenacious people who clung to the lies and slander of the Jiang faction. I tried to systemically and in an understandable way clarify the truth to them. If some of them really cannot understand, I try to find an opportunity to speak to them again later on.

November 27, 2004